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Coco Gauff: The Supportive Roots of a Tennis Phenomenon

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In the world of professional tennis, few stories resonate with the hope and vigour of Cori “Coco” Gauff’s ascent. A prodigy whose prowess on the court is matched only by her down-to-earth personality, Coco has had the unyielding support of two indispensable people in her life – her parents, Corey and Candi Gauff. This duo has not just provided the springboard for her soaring tennis career but has crafted a philosophy that melds resilience with humility.

The Gauff Family’s Entrance to the Tennis Arena

Born to athletic parents—her father played basketball at Georgia State University, and her mother competed in track and field at Florida State University—Coco was introduced to tennis at the tender age of seven. This early start, orchestrated under her parents’ keen eyes, laid the foundation for a future tennis star. Their subsequent move to Delray Beach, Florida, marked a pivotal moment, ensuring Coco had access to optimal training facilities and competition.

Celebrating Early Triumphs

Key achievements like stunning five-time Wimbledon champion Venus Williams at the age of 15 and clinched her first WTA title soon after serving as milestones that validate her parents’ undying faith and investment in her dream. These accolades speak not just to Coco’s innate talent but to the endless hours of practice and the critical decisions taken by her parents to secure her place among tennis’s elite.

The Balance Between Coaching and Parenthood

With Corey at the helm of Coco’s technical and strategic development and Candi overseeing her career management, the Gauff household revolves around a synergy of coaching and parenting. But those roles are intermixed with love and guidance, maintaining a crucial balance essential for their daughter’s well-being and career trajectory. 

Their training philosophy isn’t solely rooted in improving Coco’s formidable backhand or agile footwork; it aims to cultivate mental strength and a resilient character. Corey elaborates, “We’ve always believed in giving Coco the support and tools she needs to succeed, both on and off the court.” 

Charting the Path Forward

Looking ahead, the family envisions Coco competing for Grand Slam titles and ranking highly in the WTA rankings, but not at the expense of her happiness or education. Candi tells Forbes, “We want Coco to be not just a great tennis player, but a well-rounded individual who can excel in any field she chooses.”

The Gauffs safeguard Coco’s future in tennis and beyond with planned tournament participation and a supportive entourage of seasoned coaches and mentors. They’re steering, not dictating, Coco’s path, allowing her to find her strokes of brilliance while standing ready as her anchor.

Cultivating a Champion

Coco’s current training regimen was shaped by her parents’ engagement and understanding of athletic performance. From the finesse of her service to her mental fortitude during tie-breakers, the routines and practices they’ve instilled have been crucial. This includes high-intensity drills, match simulations, and comprehensive video analysis sessions to refine her strategies and improve upon weaknesses.

Corey’s sentiment about their family’s ethos, shared with the New York Times, resonates with the sacrifices made along the way: “We saw the potential in Coco early on, and we decided to relocate to provide her with the best training and coaching available to support her dreams.”

Team Gauff’s Collective Ambition

What emerges from within the Gauff household is a blueprint for parental involvement in sports that goes beyond mere participation trophies. It’s a commitment to excellence that doesn’t just demand but nurtures. “We’re a team, and our family is dedicated to helping Coco achieve her goals,” Candi concludes in an Essence interview.

For the Gauffs, it’s about the long game – both in sport and life. It’s about setting the stage not for a fleeting moment of fame but for a lifetime of principles, performance, and perhaps most importantly, joy in the pursuit and play of the game they all love. As Coco continues to rise in the ranks, she will undoubtedly carry with her the supportive roots that have grounded her and propelled her to greatness. And for that, we can all be grateful. 

As Coco’s journey on the professional tennis circuit continues, it is clear that her parent’s unwavering support and guidance will remain a constant source of strength and inspiration. In a world where it can be all too easy to lose sight of the bigger picture, the Gauffs are a reminder that family support and love are invaluable in achieving one’s dreams. As we witness Coco’s rise to stardom, we are also seeing the power of supportive roots and how they can nurture greatness. So, let us continue to celebrate this remarkable young athlete and the incredible family behind her. The best is yet to come for Team Gauff. So here’s to Coco, Corey, and Candi – may their story serve as an inspiration to us all. 

This is just the beginning… 

As Coco’s journey continues, we can expect even more remarkable achievements and inspiring moments. But beyond that, we can also look forward to seeing her grow and evolve both on and off the court under the loving guidance of her parents. For now, we can all bask in the glow of team Gauff’s success and admire their unwavering commitment to supporting Coco’s dreams. And as she continues to inspire young athletes around the world, it is clear that this family will forever hold a special place in the world of sports. So here’s to team Gauff and everything they have accomplished – may their legacy live on for generations to come. So, let us all continue to cheer on Coco as she takes on new challenges, breaks records, and makes history. The future is bright for this young tennis star, and we can’t wait to see what she will achieve.

Coco Gauff’s Parents: 

Corey Gauff

  • Background: Corey Gauff has been Coco’s primary coach for much of her career. He played college basketball at Georgia State University and has a background in health care. His experience as an athlete and a parent has helped guide Coco’s disciplined but balanced development in tennis.
  • Involvement in Career: Corey has been involved in devising training schedules, managing practice sessions, and travelling with Coco to various tournaments. He has also been instrumental in decision-making about her career progression.

Candi Gauff

  • Background: Candi Gauff, who has also been a strong influence in Coco’s tennis career, was a track and field athlete and a heptathlete at Florida State University. Her athletic experience has contributed to her understanding of the sporting world and what it takes to succeed.
  • Involvement in Career: She has provided both emotional and logistical support, ensuring Coco stays grounded and maintains a balanced life amid the pressures of professional sports.


Together, Coco Gauff’s parents have fostered an environment of growth, learning, and resilience, which has been evident in Coco’s rise through the ranks of professional tennis. Their unwavering support and sports background have undoubtedly played a crucial role in her development both on and off the court.

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