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2024 US Open Tournament Standings and Highlights

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The 2024 US Open has been a spectacle of tennis excellence, showcasing the world’s top talents and delivering unforgettable matches. Among the standout stories are the performances of Serena Williams, Novak Djokovic, and Coco Gauff, each bringing their unique brilliance to the hard courts of Flushing Meadows.

Men’s Singles Standings

  • Champion: Novak Djokovic secured his place in the annals of tennis history with another US Open title, demonstrating resilience and unmatched skill throughout the tournament, culminating in a victory in straight sets in the finals.
  • Finalist: The runner-up faced Djokovic in a challenging final, where despite a valiant effort, he could not overcome the champion’s prowess.
  • Semi-finalists: The competition leading up to the final was fierce, with two semi-finalists pushing the eventual finalists to their limits.

Women’s Singles Standings

  • Serena Williams Advanced to the semi-finals with a series of dominant performances. Despite her exceptional form and strategy, Williams narrowly lost in the semi-finals in a heart-stopping tie-breaker.
  • Coco Gauff: Reached the quarter-finals after a strong start, showing great promise and determination. Gauff’s run was halted by a top-seeded opponent in a closely contested match, underscoring her potential for future success.
  • Champion & Finalist: The women’s singles competition was intense, with the champion emerging after several nail-biting matches, demonstrating the depth of talent in the field.

Men’s Doubles Standings

  • Strategic play and influential partnerships marked the men’s doubles competition, leading to exhilarating matches. The champions had to overcome formidable opponents in the final, showcasing teamwork and precision.

Women’s Doubles Standings

  • Like the men’s doubles, the women’s tournament featured dynamic duos battling it for supremacy. The winning pair triumphed through a combination of skillful volleys and strategic serves.

Notable Upsets and Surprises

The tournament had its share of upsets and surprises, with several lower-seeded players making significant impacts by defeating higher-ranked opponents. These performances have been highlighted, proving that determination and spirit can challenge the status quo.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I purchase tickets for the US Open?

Tickets for the US Open can be purchased through the official US Open website or authorized ticket vendors. It is advisable to purchase tickets well in advance, especially for the latest and later stages of the tournament.

Can I watch the US Open matches online?

Yes, the US Open matches can be watched online through various streaming services that offer live broadcasts. The official US Open website also provides links to live streams and broadcasts.

What safety measures are in place at the US Open?

The safety of players, staff, and spectators is a top priority at the US Open. Measures may include mandatory face masks, social distancing guidelines, and enhanced cleaning protocols. For the latest safety guidelines, please refer to the official website.

Are there any options for fans to engage virtually with the tournament?

Fans can engage with the US Open virtually through social media platforms, official apps, and the tournament’s website. These platforms often offer behind-the-scenes content, live updates, and interactive features.

How can I follow a specific player’s performance?

To follow a specific player’s performance, such as Serena Williams, Novak Djokovic, or Coco Gauff, you can check the official US Open website, follow their social media profiles, and download tennis apps that provide player-specific news and match schedules.

What is best to stay updated on US Open scores and standings?

The best way to stay updated on scores and standings is to visit the official US Open website, follow the tournament on social media, or use dedicated sports news websites and apps that provide real-time updates and standings.


The 2024 US Open has been a thrilling event, filled with memorable moments and exemplary displays of athleticism and sportsmanship. Novak Djokovic’s championship win adds another remarkable achievement to his illustrious career. At the same time, Serena Williams and Coco Gauff’s performances have been inspiring, highlighting their dedication and the bright future of tennis. The tournament is a testament to the power of perseverance, talent, and the ceaseless pursuit of greatness in tennis.

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