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Player Stats: Philadelphia Eagles vs. Seahawks Match

philadelphia eagles vs seahawks match player stats

This is a detailed look at how the key players from the Philadelphia Eagles and the Seahawks squared off in their latest encounter.

Key Players

Philadelphia Eagles:

  • Jalen Hurts (QB) 
  • Miles Sanders (RB) 
  • Travis Fulgham (WR)
  • Fletcher Cox (DE)

Seattle Seahawks:

  • Russell Wilson (QB) 
  • Chris Carson (RB) 
  • Tyler Lockett (WR)
  • Bobby Wagner (LB)
  • Devonta Smith (WR)
  • Fletcher Cox (DT)


  • Russell Wilson (QB)
  • DK Metcalf (WR)

Data drawn from the trusty ESPN Sports App provides us with the latest figures to dissect their performances. 

Stat Categories Reviewed

  • Touchdowns (TDs)
  • Total Yards Gained
  • Rushing Yards
  • Receiving Yards
  • Interceptions (INTs)

Player Comparison


Jalen Hurts (Eagles) vs. Russell Wilson (Seahawks)

  • Total Yards: Hurts (X yards) | Wilson (X yards)
  • Touchdowns: Hurts (X TDs) | Wilson (X TDs)
  • Interceptions: Hurts (X INTs) | Wilson (X INTs)

Wide Receivers

Devonta Smith (Eagles) vs. DK Metcalf (Seahawks)

  • Rushing Yards: Smith (X yards) | Metcalf (X yards)
  • Receiving Yards: Smith (X yards) | Metcalf (X yards)
  • Total Touchdowns: Smith (X TDs) | Metcalf (X TDs)

The figures underline the quintessential impact that these individuals have had on their respective teams, showcasing their mettle on the field. Each yard gained, and every interception made tells the story of a battle waged on the gridiron.

Whether it be the agile maneuvers of the quarterbacks or the steadfast might of the wide receivers, these stats indeed highlight the prowess and strategic finesse employed during the game.

For more elaborate statistics and a breakdown of the game’s pivotal moments, visit the ESPN Sports App, where performance analytics meet the passion of Football.

(Note: Replace ‘X’ with actual numbers sourced from the ESPN Sports App.) 

Additionally, it’s worth noting the critical role played by Fletcher Cox (DT) of the Philadelphia Eagles and his counterpart on the Seahawks, whose solid defensive performances kept both teams in the running throughout the match. 

The intense rivalry between these two teams has always made for an enthralling showdown, with each side pushing themselves to their limits in pursuit of victory. And with such talented players on both sides, it’s no surprise that the game ended in a close finish. 

We can’t wait to see what the next match between these two teams holds in store for us and how these key players will continue to shape the outcome of their encounters. Let the excitement build as we await another thrilling showdown between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Seahawks!

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