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Where to Watch Penn State Lady Lions Basketball vs Iowa Hawkeyes Women’s Basketball

where to watch penn state lady lions basketball vs iowa hawkeyes women's basketball

For college basketball fans, every match is a thrilling saga of athleticism, grit, and unbridled team spirit. The showdown between the Penn State Lady Lions and the Iowa Hawkeyes is no exception, promising a contest that will have fans on the edge of their seats. However, for those eager to catch this meaningful game, the burning question remains – where to watch the epic match unfold live? Whether you’re a Nittany Lions loyalist or a Hawkeyes die-hard, this guide has you covered with all the essential viewing options. 

Streaming Services and Channels – The Broadcast Lowdown

In the digital era, the means to view your favorite sports have expanded significantly. Cable TV still holds its ground, but streaming services have carved out a substantial share of the market. Here’s a look at where you can tune in:

Networks and Cable TV

  1. ESPN: The leading sports network often has the rights to broadcast college basketball games. For comprehensive coverage, tune in to channels like ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPN News.
  2. CBS Sports Network: Renowned for in-depth analysis and top-tier game coverage, CBS is the go-to for basketball action.
  3. Big Ten Network: If available in your TV package, Big Ten Network offers dedicated coverage of Penn State and other Big Ten Conference teams. 

Streaming Platforms

Streaming services provide cord-cutters with a plethora of options. For games, keep an eye on these platforms:

  1. ESPN+: For those with an ESPN+ subscription, you can stream games live or on-demand.
  2. fuboTV: This live TV streaming service often features sports channels, such as ESPN and CBS Sports Network, in its lineup.
  3. Sling TV, YouTube TV, Hulu + Live TV: These platforms tend to offer a range of sports channels in their packages, making them prime destinations for live college basketball.
  4. Team Websites and Apps: Sometimes, the best way to catch a game is directly from the source, mainly if teams host live streams on their websites or apps.

Local Affiliates and Regional Sports Networks

Depending on your location, you may have local or regional sports networks that air college basketball games:

  1. Altitude Sports (Midwest)
  2. New England Sports Network (NESN) (Northeast)
  3. AT&T SportsNet Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania)

Check your local listings and the broadcasters in your area to see if they’ll carry the Penn State-Iowa game. 

Social Media Streams and Online Outlets

In the increasingly mobile world, fans are no longer limited to their television sets. Many turn to their social feeds or online sources for the latest action:

  1. Twitter: Often, sports leagues and networks will stream games live on Twitter.
  2. Facebook Live: Similar to Twitter, Facebook Live streams offer a social experience for fans on the go.
  3. Official League Websites: Don’t overlook the official websites of the NCAA and the Big Ten Conference, which may offer live streams or updates.

The Matchup and Where to Watch – Real-World Insights

The Penn State Lady Lions and the Iowa Hawkeyes are set to face off in a clash that’s sure to be a highlight of the women’s basketball season. With star players, strategic gameplay, and the unpredictable nature of live sports, tuning into this game is a must for any college basketball enthusiast. Here are some real-world insights on where you can catch the game:

  • Penn State Lady Lions Home Stadium: For the ultimate fan experience, catch the game at the home of the Lady Lions, the Bryce Jordan Center.
  • Iowa Hawkeyes Home Stadium: If you’re in Hawkeye State, head to the Carver-Hawkeye Arena and cheer your team on from the thunderous stands.
  • Sports Bars and Restaurants: Sometimes, the atmosphere in a local sports bar or eatery can rival that of the stadium. Call ahead to see if they’ll be showing the game.
  • Virtual Viewing Parties: Connect with fellow fans through fan forums, Reddit, or social media to create a virtual viewing party.

No matter where you choose to watch, the thrill of this matchup between two formidable teams will resonate with fans across the nation.

Beyond Television – Additional Ways to Follow the Game

For the most ardent followers of Penn State and Iowa basketball, additional ways to track the game are always welcome:

Radio Broadcasts

Radio remains a steadfast medium for those who love to listen to play-by-play commentary:

  1. Penn State Radio Network
  2. Hawkeye Radio Network

Tune into the respective radio networks to stay updated on every play and score as it happens.

Mobile Apps and SMS Updates

When life gets in the way, but you can’t miss the action, mobile apps and SMS updates can help you stay in the loop:

  1. NCAA March Madness Live
  2. The Score mobile app
  3. CBS Sports app

Download these apps or sign up for game-specific SMS updates to receive live scores and critical highlights on your device.

Podcasts and Post-Game Analysis

For a deeper dive into the matchup, look for podcasts or post-game analysis shows that offer insights and player interviews.

The rivalry between the Penn State Lady Lions and the Iowa Hawkeyes always brings an added dose of excitement to the court. Don’t miss the opportunity to watch them play head-to-head in what’s sure to be a high-intensity basketball game.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I watch the Penn State Lady Lions basketball vs. Iowa Hawkeyes women’s basketball game?

You can watch the game on the Big Ten Network or stream it live on the Fox Sports app.

2. Is there a way to watch the game online for free?

Unfortunately, there is no legal way to watch the game for free online. You may need a cable subscription or access to a streaming service.

3. Can I attend the game in person?

Yes, you can check the respective team websites for information on ticket availability and attendance policies.

4. Will the game be broadcast on any other channels besides the Big Ten Network?

At this time, the only confirmed channel broadcasting the game is the Big Ten Network.

5. Is there a replay available if I miss watching it live?

Replays of college basketball games are often available on demand through streaming services or on team websites.

6. Are there any alternative ways to follow live updates of the game online?

You can follow live updates and scores on sports websites like ESPN or CBS Sports, as well as social media platforms like Twitter.

7. What time does the Penn State Lady Lions vs. Iowa Hawkeyes women’s basketball game start?

The start time of college basketball games varies, so it’s best to check your local listings or team schedules for specific details.

8. Can I watch the highlights of the game after it has ended?

Yes, highlights of college basketball games are typically posted on official team websites and sports news outlets shortly after they conclude.


College basketball is a sport that unites communities, transcends geographical boundaries, and brings fans together to celebrate the raw energy of the game. With numerous platforms available for viewing, the Penn State Lady Lions versus the Iowa Hawkeyes women’s basketball game is just a click away. Whether you huddle around the TV with friends, stream the game from your favorite device, or keep track of social media buzz, the most important thing is to savor every moment of the sporting spectacle. This guide is your passport to the world of Penn State and Iowa basketball. Enjoy the game, and may the best team win!

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