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Understanding Best Ball in Golf: A Comprehensive Analysis

what is best ball in golf

The term “best ball” is one that golf enthusiasts encounter frequently, but its nuances can sometimes elude even the seasoned players. Often associated with team play, understanding the best ball format is crucial for anyone looking to deepen their appreciation of the game and its competitive structures.

The Fundamentals of Best Ball

Best Ball is a golf competition format involving teams, typically consisting of two, three, or four players. Despite the name, it does not refer to a specific type of golf ball but rather to a way of scoring in the game. The essence of the best ball format is that each player plays their Ball throughout the round, and on each hole, the lowest score (or “best ball”) among team members serves as the team’s score.

Herein lies the strategic beauty of the format — while it encourages personal excellence on each shot, it also emphasizes the importance of teamwork and shared outcomes. Unlike scramble formats, where all players take their next shot from the location of the best previous shot, the best Ball allows players to experience the entirety of the hole as they would in individual play.

Scoring and Strategy

Scoring: The scoring in the best Ball can be conducted using traditional stroke play, where the actual number of strokes are counted, or match play, where teams compete to win individual holes. For stroke play, at the end of the round, the team’s score will be the sum of the lowest scores from each hole. In match play, points are awarded based on hole-by-hole performance, adding an engaging layer of strategy and competition to each game moment.

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Strategy: The strategic dimensions of the best Ball are rich and varied. Players must balance their efforts to contribute low scores for their team while navigating the course judiciously to avoid disastrous holes that could put the team at a disadvantage. It demands a harmonious blend of individual brilliance and a keen awareness of the team’s standing throughout the competition. 

Variations and Considerations

There are variations of the best ball format that introduce intriguing twists to the game:

  • Four Ball: Often used interchangeably with the best Ball, though technically a subset, four balls is a match play variation involving two teams of two. Each player plays their Ball, and each team’s score on a hole is the lower score of the two partners. This format is a staple in tournaments like the Ryder Cup.
  • Two-Person Best Ball: This is a streamlined version often used in club competitions. The fundamental principles remain the same, with two players forming a team and their best scores on each hole determining their match standing.

When participating in or organizing a best ball competition, consider players’ handicaps. Handicap allowances can level the playing field, making competitions fairer and more engaging for golfers of differing abilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can the best Ball be played outside of official tournaments?  

A: Yes, the best ball formats can be enjoyed in both informal and formal settings, making them versatile choices for players of all skill levels looking to enjoy a round of golf with a competitive twist.

Q: How are ties handled in best ball competitions?  

A: In the event of a tie, the specific rules of the tournament will dictate the course of action. Common resolutions include a playoff hole or holes or implementing a scorecard tiebreaker system, where the team with the best score on the designated tiebreaker hole(s) is declared the winner.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of teams participating in a best ball tournament?  

A: While there is no inherent limit to the number of teams participating in the best ball tournament, practical considerations such as course size, daylight hours, and duration will dictate the maximum feasible number of participants.

Q: How do handicaps affect the best ball play?  

A: Handicaps are often used to level the playing field in best ball competitions, allowing players of varying abilities to compete more equitably. The specific application of handicaps can vary, but generally, a percentage of each player’s handicap is applied to adjust their score, ensuring fair competition.


Best Ball stands out as a celebration of the nuanced complexities of golf. It challenges players to excel individually and engage in the collective ebb and flow of team dynamics. The best ball format offers an inviting avenue for golf enthusiasts looking to deepen their strategic understanding and appreciation of the game’s social facets. Whether you’re strategizing with teammates in a heated match-play battle or striving for your personal best in a stroke-play setting, the Best Ball encapsulates the enduring allure of golf: individual challenge, team collaboration, and the unwavering pursuit of excellence.

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