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What is a Crooked Number in Baseball?

What is a Crooked Number in Baseball? Unraveling the Mystery Behind High Scoring Innings

Baseball is a game that is full of numbers and statistics. From batting averages to earned run averages, baseball enthusiasts love to analyze and interpret these numbers to gain insights into a player’s performance and team’s success. One such term commonly used in baseball is the “crooked number.”


In baseball, a crooked number refers to scoring more than one run in a single half-inning or inning. It implies that the scorecard displays a final digit other than zero in the runs column. While a zero might be considered a “straight” number, any digit other than zero is often referred to as a crooked number.


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Understanding the Significance

Scoring crooked numbers is pivotal for a team’s success as it usually indicates offensive effectiveness and the ability to string hits, walks, and other offensive actions together. When a team consistently puts up crooked numbers, it puts immense pressure on the opponent’s pitching staff, boosts confidence, and may demoralize the opposing team.

Examples of Crooked Numbers

Let’s take a look at a few examples to better understand the concept of crooked numbers in baseball:

Inning Team A Team B
1 0 0
2 3 2
3 1 0
4 4 1
5 0 2

In this example, Team A scores crooked numbers in innings 2 and 4, where they scored three and four runs, respectively. Team B, however, only scores a crooked number in inning 5, where they scored two runs. This demonstrates Team A’s ability to generate offense in multiple innings, increasing their chances of winning the game.

The Impact on a Game

When a team manages to put up crooked numbers, it often leads to momentum swings and can drastically change the complexion of a game. Not only does it contribute to an increased total score, but it can also boost team morale and demoralize the opposition. For example, a team trailing by two runs may feel a significant difference when an opponent scores three runs in a single inning, giving the impression that they are further behind.

Strategies to Generate Crooked Numbers

There are several strategies employed by baseball teams to generate crooked numbers:

  1. Hitting with Runners in Scoring Position: Teams aim to get hits when there are runners in scoring position, increasing the chances of scoring multiple runs in a single play.
  2. Drawing Walks: Patiently waiting for walks allows more baserunners, which creates scoring opportunities to put up crooked numbers.
  3. Executing Sacrifice Plays: Sacrifice bunts or flies can advance runners, increasing the likelihood of scoring runs in a single inning.
  4. Utilizing the Long Ball: Hitting home runs, especially with runners on base, can lead to multiple runs instantly.
  5. Creating Stress on Pitchers: By making pitchers work harder and throwing more pitches, teams can wear down the opposing pitcher, increasing the chances of scoring crooked numbers in later innings.

Frequently Asked Questions


What Does It Mean To Have A Crooked Number In Baseball?


A crooked number in baseball refers to a score that contains digits other than zero. It could be one, two, three, or more runs scored in a single play.


How Is A Crooked Number Determined In Baseball?


A crooked number is determined by any play that results in one or more runs being scored by a team. For example, a home run or a bases-loaded double can add a crooked number to the scoreboard.


What Is The Significance Of A Crooked Number In Baseball?


A crooked number is significant because it often indicates an offensive surge by a team. It adds excitement to the game and can change the momentum in favor of the team that scores the crooked number.


Why Is It Called A Crooked Number In Baseball?


A crooked number is called so because the digits in the scorecard appear crooked or irregular compared to the straight zero. It’s a term used to describe a score that is not a simple single-digit number.


In baseball, scoring crooked numbers is indicative of offensive success and the ability to generate runs in multiple innings. It puts pressure on the opposing team’s pitching staff and can significantly impact the outcome of a game. By employing effective offensive strategies and capitalizing on scoring opportunities, teams can increase their chances of putting up crooked numbers and ultimately achieve victory.

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