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Week 8 Kicker Rankings: Finding the Best Foot Forward

week 8 kicker rankings

Navigating the fantasy football landscape requires keen attention to detail, especially regarding the often-overlooked position of the kicker. Week 8 brings a set of unique challenges and opportunities, shaping the rankings based on various critical factors. From weather conditions to team dynamics, here’s how the leading kickers stack up for the upcoming matchups.

Criteria for Ranking:

The ranking of kickers for week eight has been meticulously curated, considering historical performance, the team’s offensive efficiency, weather conditions, the opposition’s defensive prowess, and recent form. These factors provide a comprehensive view of each kicker’s potential impact.

Influential Player Updates:

With player conditions fluctuating, updates such as A. Gonzalez’s return and Y. Koo’s questionable status considerably influence the rankings—meanwhile, C. McLaughlin’s consistency and M. Crosby’s illness are factors to be watched closely this week.

Top Kicker Rankings:

  1. C. McLaughlin (CLE) – McLaughlin’s unwavering form and Cleveland’s efficient offense places him at the top. Expected to continue his consistency, McLaughlin is primed for success in week 8.
  2. A. Gonzalez (CAR) – Returning from injury, Gonzalez is set to boost the Panthers’ scoring options. His historical performance suggests a valuable addition to any fantasy lineup this week.
  3. M. Gay (LAR) – With the Rams’ offense finding its rhythm, Gay’s role is increasingly crucial. Indoor conditions at home further solidify his rankings, offering a significant advantage.
  4. J. Tucker (BAL) – Despite tough opposition, Tucker’s exceptional accuracy and the Ravens’ ability to create scoring chances keep him ranked highly. His reliability, even in challenging matchups, should be noticed.
  5. N. Folk (NE) – New England’s offense has shown flashes of brilliance, and Folk’s accuracy, particularly in critical moments, makes him a solid choice. The Patriots’ improved red-zone efficiency could mean more scoring opportunities for Folk.
  6. G. Zuerlein (NYJ) – Poised to benefit from the Jets’ innovative offensive schemes, Zuerlein’s leg strength and accuracy place him in a pivotal role this week, especially in potentially windy conditions.
  7. R. Succop (TB) – Tampa Bay’s dynamic offense gives Succop ample opportunities, though his success will hinge on converting key field goals. Weather and defensive matchups this week are favorable.
  8. M. Crosby (GB) – Despite battling illness, Crosby’s veteran experience and the Packers’ offensive capabilities keep him in the rankings. Monitoring his health status will be crucial leading up to the game.
  9. Y. Koo (ATL) – A question mark hangs over Koo due to his groin injury. If active, his precision makes him a potential game-changer, though his condition might limit long-range attempts.
  10. C. Boswell (PIT) – Rounding out the top ten, Boswell’s opportunities hinge on Pittsburgh’s offensive performance against a formidable defense. His accuracy from a distance keeps his fantasy relevance in check.

Notable Considerations:

  • Weather conditions play a significant role this week, particularly for kickers in outdoor venues prone to wind and rain. Monitoring forecasts close to kickoff is advisable.
  • Team offensive trends and red-zone efficiency can significantly boost a kicker’s scoring potential, making pre-game analysis more important than week-to-week consistency alone.


Q: How often are these rankings updated? 

A: The rankings are updated weekly, considering the latest player performances, injury updates, and other relevant factors that might affect a kicker’s success in the upcoming matchups.

Q: Can weather conditions drastically change a kicker’s ranking? 

A: Yes, weather conditions, especially extreme wind and rain, can significantly impact a kicker’s effectiveness, potentially altering their ranking as forecasts become clearer closer to game day.

Q: Are player injuries the only reason for a kicker’s questionable status? 

A: Player injuries are a common reason for questionable status, but other factors like illnesses, personal matters, or coaches’ decisions can also contribute to uncertain availability for a game.

Q: How important is a team’s offensive efficiency to a kicker’s ranking? 

A: Very important. A team’s offensive efficiency determines how often a kicker gets into scoring position. More efficient offenses provide more scoring opportunities, positively impacting a kicker’s fantasy potential.

Q: Is it worth picking a kicker from a high-scoring team, or should the focus be on individual performance? 

A: While a high-scoring team can offer more opportunities for points, an individual’s accuracy and consistency are crucial. For example, a kicker with a strong track record on a moderate offense might outscore a less reliable kicker on a high-scoring team.


Week 8 promises to bring its challenges and triumphs for kickers across the league. By weighing historical performance, team dynamics, and individual form against the backdrop of weather and defensive matchups, these rankings aim to guide fantasy football enthusiasts in making informed decisions. Keep a close eye on player updates and conditions as the week progresses for any last-minute adjustments to your lineup.

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