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Session Focus: Dribbling and Tactical Awareness

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Training Duration: 90 minutes

Training Structure

  1. Warm-up (15 minutes)
  • Dynamic Stretching: A series of movements targeting major muscle groups to prevent injury and improve flexibility.
    • Leg swings
    • Arm circles
    • Hip rotations
    • Light Jogging and Agility Exercises: To raise heart rate and strengthen muscles.
    • Jogging around the field
    • High knees
    • Ladder drills for agility
    1. Skill Focus: Dribbling (30 minutes)
    • Station-Based Drills:
    • Close Control Drills: Cones spaced closely together for tight dribbling, focusing on quick touches and ball control.
    • Change of Direction Drills: Using markers to practice sudden changes in direction while maintaining control of the ball.
    • Speed Dribbling Drills: Sprinting with the ball at varying speeds, emphasizing keeping the ball close.
    • Using Both Feet:
    • Inside Foot Dribbling: Practicing dribbling using the inside of both feet.
    • Outside Foot Dribbling: Drills focus on controlling the ball from the outside of both feet.
    1. Skill Focus: Tactical Awareness (20 minutes)
    • Discussion and Visual Aids:
    • Key Tactical Concepts: Use chalkboard diagrams or tablet presentations to introduce concepts such as maintaining width, supporting play, and creating space.
    • Small Group Exercises:
    • Maintaining Width Drills: Players position themselves along the width of the field and practice spreading out to create space.
    • Support Play Drills: Players work in pairs to support each other, learning when to pass and when to move into space.
    1. Small-Sided Games (20 minutes)
    • 3v3 or 4v4 Games:
    • Adjusted Rules: Encourage dribbling by awarding extra points for successful dribbles past an opponent.
    • Tactical Awareness: Players must apply concepts of width and support play in a game setting.
    1. Cool Down (5 minutes)
    • Static Stretching:
    • Lower Body Focus: Stretches targeting the legs and lower back to reduce muscle tension and improve flexibility.
    • Hamstring stretch
    • Quadriceps stretch
    • Calf stretch
    1. Feedback and Q&A (10 minutes)
    • Individual Feedback:
    • Provide personalized feedback on dribbling techniques and tactical performance.
    • Open Discussion:
    • Encourage players to ask questions or share insights from the session.
  • Training Philosophy
    • Positive, Inclusive, and Fun Environment: Foster a passion for the game by creating an encouraging atmosphere.
    • Fundamental Skills: Emphasize the importance of basic skills as the building blocks for long-term success.
    • Diverse Activities: To accommodate different learning styles, incorporate a mix of individual, group, and team-based exercises.
    • Player Development: Focus on long-term growth over immediate results, aiming for continuous improvement.
    • Progressive Challenges: Implement training plans that match players’ current levels, promoting improvement while avoiding burnout.
    • Teamwork and Sportsmanship: Teach players the value of working together and respecting each other on and off the field.
    • Modern Methods and Technology: Use up-to-date coaching techniques and tools to enhance learning effectiveness.
  • Sample Session Plan: Dribbling and Tactical Awareness
    1. Warm-up (15 minutes)
    • Dynamic Stretching: Leg swings, arm circles, hip rotations.
    • Light Jogging & Agility Exercises: Jogging, high knees, ladder drills.
    1. Skill Focus: Dribbling (30 minutes)
    • Close Control Drills: Tight dribbling through cones.
    • Change of Direction Drills: Quick directional changes with the ball.
    • Speed Dribbling Drills: Sprinting with ball control.
    1. Skill Focus: Tactical Awareness (20 minutes)
    • Critical Concepts Discussion: Using visual aids to maintain width and support play.
    • Group Exercises: Practicing width and support play in small groups.
    1. Small-Sided Games (20 minutes)
    • 3v3 or 4v4 with Adjusted Rules: Extra points for successful dribbles, focus on tactical awareness.
    1. Cool Down (5 minutes)
    • Static Stretching: Targeting lower body muscle groups.
    1. Feedback and Q&A (10 minutes)
    • Personalized Feedback & Open Discussion: Address individual performance and answer questions.
  • Notes
    • This session aims to improve technical dribbling skills and tactical understanding.
    • Drills are tailored to challenge beginners while ensuring enjoyable participation.
    • Emphasis on using both feet and various dribbling techniques to develop well-rounded skills.
  • Focusing on fundamental skills and tactical awareness, our training sessions aim to build a strong foundation for young players, promoting long-term growth and a deep love for the game. Join us for a comprehensive, enjoyable, and practical soccer training experience.

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