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Experience the Spirit of Polynesia–Polynesian Bowl 2024

In conclusion, the Polynesian Bowl 2024 promises to be a thrilling showcase of talent, culture, and community spirit. With high school football stars like Justin Scott, Terry Bussey, and Dylan Raiola set to dazzle on the field, attendees can expect an unforgettable experience celebrating the best of young Polynesian athletes. From special guest appearances by NFL legend David Stone to exclusive merchandise and engaging social media initiatives, the event offers something for everyone to enjoy. Don't miss your chance to witness history in the making at Aloha Stadium on January 20, 2024. Join us in Hawaii for a truly remarkable football extravaganza!

Save the date for the ultimate showcase of high school football talent! Polynesian Bowl 2024 is coming on January 20 to Aloha Stadium, Hawaii. Watch as Team Makai and Team Mauka clash in an epic battle that celebrates Polynesian athletes’ rich culture and prowess. Here’s what you need to know:

Event Details

  • Date: January 20, 2024
  • Location: Aloha Stadium, Hawaii
  • Teams: Team Makai vs. Team Mauka
  • Celebration: A culmination of culture, sports, and community as the nation’s top high school players take the field.

Special Guest Appearance: David Stone

This year, we’re excited to announce that NFL legend David Stone will be joining us as a special guest at the Polynesian Bowl 2024. Stone, known for his exceptional career as a linebacker and his sports contributions, will offer insights, share stories, and inspire players and fans. Don’t miss the chance to meet one of football’s most significant, experience a live Q & A session, and get an autograph from the man himself. David Stone’s presence will add excitement and inspiration to this year’s event.

Spotlight on Talent: Justin Scott

Justin Scott emerges as a name to watch among the standout athletes appearing at the Polynesian Bowl 2024. A senior from Kahuku High School, Scott has been making waves in the high school football scene with his astounding speed and agility as a wide receiver. His performances on the field have earned him accolades from coaches and scouts and admiration from fans across the nation. Scott’s commitment to excellence, both on and off the field, exemplifies the spirit of Polynesia and the essence of this prestigious event. Join us to see Justin Scott in action, showcasing his skills and possibly setting the stage for his future football career.

A Legend in the Making: Terry Bussey

In addition to the swathes of talent on display, Terry Bussey is another athlete who deserves special attention at the Polynesian Bowl 2024. A formidable presence on the defensive line, this senior from Leilehua High School has garnered nationwide attention from top college football programs. Bussey’s ability to read the game and make crucial tackles has been instrumental in his team’s success, earning him a reputation as a player with skill and a strategic mind. His dedication to the sport and his cultural heritage make him a perfect fit for the Polynesian Bowl, where he will no doubt leave a lasting impression on the field. Witness Terry Bussey’s prowess as he represents the very best of young Polynesian athletes, merging tradition with undeniable talent.

Rising Star in Focus: Dylan Raiola

The Polynesian Bowl 2024 would only be complete by mentioning Dylan Raiola, the promising quarterback who’s caught the eye of scouts and fans alike. Coming from Chandler High School, Raiola has been a critical player known for his precision passing and exceptional leadership on the field. His ability to stay calm under pressure and make split-second decisions has made his team one of the most formidable in high school football. Raiola’s passion for the game and his Polynesian heritage make him a remarkable athlete and a perfect embodiment of the event’s spirit. Attendees can look forward to experiencing Raiola’s talent firsthand as he showcases his skills and competes at the highest level of high school football. Take the chance to see this young athlete in action as he brings his A-game to Aloha Stadium and adds to the excitement of the Polynesian Bowl 2024.

Get Involved

Join the excitement for #PolyBowl2024 with these initiatives:

  • Social Media Countdowns

  Engage with us on all platforms as we kick off with sneak peeks, past highlights, and player features. Share your spirit using #PolyBowl2024!

  • Influencer Partnerships

  Keep an eye out for content from your favorite sports personalities as they bring exclusive insights and behind-the-scenes action leading up to the game day.

  • Community Events

  Participate in pre-game festivities and education programs in Hawaii as we bring the thrill of the Polynesian Bowl to local communities.

  • Media Coverage

  Contact our media partners for in-depth coverage, player interviews, and expert analysis.

  • Win Tickets

  Take your chance to watch history being made. Enter our contests on social media for a chance to win tickets and cheer on the next generation of football stars!

  • Exclusive Merchandise

  Gear up for game day with limited edition Polynesian Bowl 2024 apparel and accessories. Available online and at the event.

  • Sponsor Highlights

  Engage with activities and promotions provided by our beloved partners who help make the Polynesian Bowl possible.

Tickets and Information

Tickets will be available soon. Stay updated by visiting our website and following social media channels for the latest news and information.

Get ready to immerse yourself in a celebration of sport and heritage at the Polynesian Bowl 2024 – where stars are born and legends are made.

Join us in Hawaii for an unforgettable football experience! 

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