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NCAA Hockey Standings: 2022-2023 Season

ncaa hockey standings

Big Ten Conference Standings

Michigan Wolverines

Record: 24-11-3 (16-8-0 Big Ten)


The Michigan Wolverines had a strong season in the Big Ten, finishing with 24 wins, 11 losses, and three ties. Their conference performance was also notable, with 16 wins against eight losses. Michigan’s offence was dynamic and often overpowering, leading to high-scoring games and several dominant victories.

Key Games:

  • Michigan vs. Minnesota (Jan 20, 2023): A thrilling 4-3 victory in overtime showcasing Michigan’s resilience and ability to perform under pressure.
  • Michigan vs. Notre Dame (Feb 10, 2023): A convincing 5-2 win highlighting the team’s offensive prowess and solid defensive play.


  • Offensive Strength: Michigan’s ability to score in bunches was a consistent theme throughout the season, often putting games out of reach for their opponents.
  • Resilience in Close Games: The Wolverines demonstrated a knack for winning close contests, which was crucial in their successful campaign.

Minnesota Golden Gophers

Record: 26-9-1 (17-8-1 Big Ten)


The Minnesota Golden Gophers finished the season as one of the top teams in the Big Ten, with a record of 26 wins, nine losses, and one tie. Their conference record was equally strong, boasting 17 wins. Minnesota’s balanced approach, featuring strong offensive and defensive play, was pivotal in their successful season.

Key Games:

  • Minnesota vs Michigan (Feb 24, 2023): A tightly contested 3-2 victory that underscored Minnesota’s defensive capabilities and clutch scoring.
  • Minnesota vs. Notre Dame (Mar 3, 2023): A dominating 6-1 win that demonstrated the Gophers’ offensive depth and firepower.


  • Balanced Play: Minnesota excelled in offensive and defensive aspects, making them a formidable opponent throughout the season.
  • Key Contributions: The team received significant contributions from seasoned players and emerging talents, providing a well-rounded lineup.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Record: 16-16-4 (10-12-2 Big Ten)


The Notre Dame Fighting Irish had an up-and-down season, finishing with an even record of 16 wins, 16 losses, and four ties. Their conference performance saw ten wins against 12 losses and two ties. Despite moments of brilliance, inconsistency plagued the Irish, preventing them from climbing higher in the standings.

Key Games:

  • Notre Dame vs Michigan (Dec 2, 2022): A hard-fought 2-1 win showcased Notre Dame’s defensive resilience.
  • Notre Dame vs. Minnesota (Jan 13, 2023): A 4-3 overtime victory highlighting the team’s ability to compete against top-tier opponents.


  • Inconsistency: Notre Dame struggled to maintain a high level of play throughout the season, resulting in a fluctuating performance.
  • Defensive Focus: The Irish often relied on their defence to keep games close, but scoring struggles hindered their overall success.

Hockey East Conference Standings

Boston College Eagles

Record: 14-18-6 (10-13-5 Hockey East)


Boston College had a challenging season, finishing with 14 wins, 18 losses, and six ties. In conference play, they managed ten wins against 13 losses and five ties. Despite the adversity, the Eagles showed flashes of potential, particularly in their younger players.

Key Games:

  • Boston College vs. Boston University (Nov 11, 2022): A thrilling 3-2 overtime win showcased the Eagles’ potential and rivalry spirit.
  • Boston College vs. Providence (Feb 17, 2023): A 5-1 victory that highlighted the team’s offensive capabilities when clicking on all cylinders.


  • Youth Movement: Boston College relied heavily on its younger players, who gained valuable experience despite the team’s struggles.
  • Inconsistent Offense: The Eagles had difficulty maintaining offensive pressure, leading to several close losses.

By closely analyzing each team’s performance, we can observe that Michigan and Minnesota were dominant forces in the Big Ten, while Notre Dame had a season marked by inconsistency. In the Hockey East, Boston College faced a challenging year but showed promise for the future. Each team’s journey through the 2022-2023 season highlights the dynamic nature of NCAA hockey and the competitive spirit that drives these programs.

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