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Jon Rahm’s Putter Review: Mastering the Green

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In professional golf, Jon Rahm stands out not only for his formidable skills but also for his relentless pursuit of perfection. One aspect of his game that has garnered significant attention is his putting. Despite early struggles, Rahm has fine-tuned his putting technique, largely thanks to his choice of putter. Let’s delve into the specifics of Jon Rahm’s putter and how it has become a crucial component of his success on the green.

Early Career

Jon Rahm’s ascent in the golfing world was nothing short of meteoric. With a mighty swing and a strategic mind, he quickly became a force to be reckoned with. However, putting remained a challenge. In his career, Rahm’s putting statistics were less impressive than the rest of his game. Despite this, he achieved remarkable success, indicating that even marginal gains in his putting could propel him to new heights.

Putting Technique

A smooth, controlled stroke characterizes Rahm’s putting style. He maintains a steady rhythm and focuses on precision rather than power. His technique ensures that he gauges distance accurately and effectively aligns his putts to the target line. His choice of equipment, specifically his putter, further enhances this meticulous approach.

Equipment Choice


To provide an accurate overview, let’s look at the standard specifications for professional putters like Jon Rahm’s:

  • Putter Length: Typically around 34 to 35 inches.
  • Putter Weight: Customizable, with options for heavier putters providing stability and lighter putters offering feel.
  • Putter Head Shape: Rahm prefers a mallet design with a high MOI (Moment of Inertia) for stability.
  • Putter Grip: Customized to fit Rahm’s hand size and preference.

Performance Review

Jon Rahm’s putter is renowned for its performance on the green. Key performance points include:

  • Exceptional Feel and Touch: Rahm’s putter allows him to gauge distance and line precisely, enhancing his accuracy.
  • High MOI Design: The putter’s design enhances stability through the stroke, even on off-center hits, improving consistency.
  • Custom Weight and Length: Suited to Rahm’s putting stroke, providing the perfect balance of power and control.
  • Alignment Aids: These ensure Rahm can consistently square the face to his target line, minimizing directional errors.
  • Customized Grip: Tailored to Rahm’s hand size and preference, it enhances comfort and control.

Visual Elements

To complement this review, consider including the following images or diagrams:

  • Jon Rahm Using the Putter: Capturing Rahm in action on the green.
  • Close-Up of the Putter Head: Highlighting the design and alignment aids.
  • Custom Grip Detail: Showcasing the grip tailored to Rahm’s specifications.

Improvement Efforts

Jon Rahm has constantly worked to enhance his putting skills. His strategies include:

  • Practice Drills: Focusing on distance control and accuracy.
  • Mental Focus: Developing a strong mental game to handle pressure situations.
  • Equipment Testing: Continuously experimenting with different putter designs and adjustments to find the perfect fit.

Impact on Performance

Improving his putting has significantly impacted Rahm’s overall game. His enhanced ability to sink crucial putts has led to more consistent scores and higher tournament placements. The alignment aids, and custom grip of his putter contribute to his confidence and control on the green, making him a formidable competitor.

Future Prospects

Looking ahead, Jon Rahm’s putting performance is likely to continue improving. With ongoing dedication to practice and equipment optimization, Rahm is well-positioned to further solidify his status as one of the top golfers in the world. His putter will undoubtedly play a key role in this journey.


What brand of putter does Jon Rahm use?

Jon Rahm uses an Odyssey putter, a brand known for its quality and innovative design.

How often does Jon Rahm change his putter?

Jon Rahm tends to keep his putter the same. Instead, he focuses on fine-tuning his current equipment to suit his evolving needs and preferences.

What is the most distinctive feature of Jon Rahm’s putter?

The most distinctive feature of Jon Rahm’s putter is its high Moment of Inertia (MOI) design, providing stability and consistency even on off-center hits.

Does Jon Rahm use any specific alignment aids?

Yes, Jon Rahm’s putter includes custom alignment aids that help him precisely align his putts to the target line, minimizing directional errors.

How does the custom grip benefit Jon Rahm?

The custom grip is tailored to fit Rahm’s hand size and preference, enhancing his comfort and control, which is crucial for maintaining consistency under pressure.

Can amateur golfers benefit from using a putter similar to Jon Rahm’s?

Absolutely. While professional-level customization might not be necessary, many features of Jon Rahm’s putter, such as high MOI and alignment aids, can benefit amateur golfers by improving stability and accuracy.


Jon Rahm’s journey with his putter highlights the importance of precise equipment selection in professional golf. By addressing his challenges head-on and leveraging a putter tailored to his needs, Rahm has transformed a potential weakness into a strength. As he continues to refine his skills and equipment, we can expect even more outstanding achievements on the green, underscoring the significance of mastering the art of putting.

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