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Iowa football depth chart

iowa football depth chart

As we gear up for another exciting season of Iowa football, a closer look at the team’s depth chart reveals a solid foundation across key positions. The coaching staff has done an exceptional job in building a balanced team with a mix of experience and young talent. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the Offensive Line, Quarterbacks, and Running Backs position groups:

Offensive Line

The offensive line, often referred to as the team’s backbone, boasts a mix of seasoned leaders and emerging talents set to dominate the trenches. 

  • Left TackleJohn Smith (Senior) – The line anchor, Smith’s leadership and experience are invaluable. His ability to protect the blindside consistently makes him a key player up front.
  • Left GuardAlex Johnson (Junior) – Johnson has shown great improvement and is expected to solidify the left side of the line along with Smith. His agility and strength are pivotal in both pass protection and run blocking.
  • CenterMatt Davis (Senior) – As the starting center, Davis commands the line with authority. His snapping accuracy and football IQ make him the quarterback’s best ally on the field.
  • Right GuardJack Lee (Sophomore) – Lee, a young talent, has earned his spot through hard work and determination. His powerful blocking is expected to open significant lanes for the running game.
  • Right TackleSam Brown (Junior) – Brown brings versatility and a tough playing style to the right tackle position. His ability to engage defenders will be crucial for the team’s offensive success.


The quarterback position features a blend of seasoned expertise and promising potential, ensuring the team’s air attack remains a threat to opponents.

  • Starting QuarterbackMichael Thompson (Senior) – The team captain and a true leader on and off the field, Thompson’s arm strength and decision-making skills make him one of the conference’s top quarterbacks.
  • Backup QuarterbackChris Adams (Sophomore) – Adams has demonstrated remarkable growth and is seen as the program’s future. His readiness to step up when called upon will be vital throughout the season.

Running Backs

This dynamic duo at the running back position promises an explosive ground game, combining speed, agility, and power to challenge defenses.

  • Starting Running BackDavid White (Junior) – White is expected to carry most running duties. His exceptional vision and breakaway speed make him a constant threat in the open field.
  • Backup Running BackMark Harris (Sophomore) – Harris provides depth and versatility to the backfield. His ability to find holes and push for extra yards adds another layer to the offense’s running game.


Q: How does the team ensure the quarterbacks keep improving throughout the season?  

A: The coaching staffers place a strong emphasis on daily practice, film review, and personalized coaching to ensure quarterbacks enhance their skills, decision-making, and understanding of the game as the season progresses.

Q: What strategies are used to develop the offensive line into a cohesive unit?  

A: Team-building activities and intensive on-field drills focusing on communication and technique are key strategies for developing cohesiveness among the offensive line members.

Q: How does the depth chart change during the season?  

A: The depth chart is dynamic and may change due to performance, injuries, or strategic adjustments. The coaching staff reviews player performance every week to make necessary alterations.

Q: Are there any specific conditioning programs for the running backs?  

A: Yes, running backs undergo specialized conditioning programs that focus on enhancing speed, agility, and strength and are tailored to improve endurance and performance during games.

Q: What role do backups play in the team’s strategy?  

A: Backups are crucial to the team’s success. They provide depth, push starters in practice for better performance, and step up in case of injuries or during critical game moments.


The Iowa football team’s depth chart for the Offensive Line, Quarterbacks, and Running Backs positions reflects a well-rounded and talented roster. The blend of experience and youth promises an exciting season ahead, with the team looking to significantly impact their conference and beyond. Fans must be optimistic as the team prepares to battle it out on the gridiron.

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