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How to Play Frisbee Golf (Disc Golf)

how to play frisbee golf

Frisbee golf, also known as disc golf, combines the precision and methodology of traditional golf with the fun and accessibility of throwing a frisbee. Whether you’re a newcomer to the sport or a curious observer, understanding the basics will set you on the right path to enjoying this popular outdoor game.

Basic Rules of Frisbee Golf

Goal of the Game

The objective of frisbee golf is to complete each hole by throwing a disc from a tee area into a target in the fewest number of throws, similar to completing a hole in ball golf with the fewest strokes.


  • Players start by throwing from the designated tee area toward the “pole hole,” the target basket.
  • Following the initial drive from the tee area, players throw from where the previous throw landed.
  • The hole is completed when the disc lands in the basket or pole hole.
  • Scores are counted based on the number of throws needed to complete each hole.
  • A typical frisbee golf course includes 9 or 18 holes, each with unique layouts, including various obstacles and terrain.
  • Players progress through the course in sequential order.
  • The player with the lowest total throws after all holes wins the game.
  • Players should follow good safety practices and etiquette, such as waiting for their turn, being mindful of others’ throws, and respecting the course and its facilities.


  • Scoring in frisbee golf is similar to traditional golf. Each hole has a designated “par,” indicating the expected number of throws it should take an experienced player to complete.
  • Scoring terms are the same as in golf, with “birdie,” “par,” “bogey,” and so forth representing scores under par, equal to par, or over par, respectively.

Obstacles and Strategy

  • Natural elements and course design features such as trees, water hazards, elevation changes, and wind conditions contribute to the complexity and challenge of the game.
  • Players must also be aware of and avoid out-of-bounds areas, which will add penalty throws to their score.

Equipment Needed for Frisbee Golf


  • You’ll need a minimum set of specialized discs:
  • Driver: Designed for long-distance throws.
  • Mid-Range: Used for intermediate throws and approaches.
  • Putter: Ideal for short-distance throws and aiming for the basket.

Attire and Accessories

  • Players should wear comfortable clothing suitable for weather conditions and terrain.
  • Good-quality shoes that provide grip and stability for walking and standing on various surfaces.
  • Use a scorecard and pencil to keep track of throws and player standings.
  • Although optional, carrying a disc golf bag can help to organize and transport your discs conveniently. You may also wish to hold personal items like water, snacks, and sunscreen, especially for longer rounds.

It is optional but Handy to Have

  • A mini disc marker to mark the spot of your last throw when required.
  • A towel to clean discs in case they get dirty or wet.

Remember, the most crucial thing about frisbee golf is to have fun and enjoy the great outdoors. Whether playing competitively or leisurely with friends, frisbee golf is a fantastic way to combine fitness, strategy, and the joy of frisbee throwing into a rewarding sport. Grab your discs, head to your nearest course, and get ready to experience the addictive enjoyment of frisbee golf!

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