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How to play cricket darts?

How to Play Cricket Darts

Cricket darts may not be as mainstream as the game from which it borrows its name and target, but it holds a special place in the hearts of dart enthusiasts and bar-sports players worldwide. Distinct in its strategic focus and score-keeping complexity, cricket darts is more than just a casual game of aim and throw. This comprehensive guide will dissect the nuances of cricket darts, learn the rules, and discover strategies to elevate your game from the occasional lucky shot to a triumph of strategy and precision.

The Essence of Cricket Darts: Understanding the Basics

We need to start with the fundamentals to comprehend the art of cricket darts. This game is typically played on a standard dart board, with two players or two teams of players throwing three darts each. Players aim to close numbers and achieve the highest point total. The goal is not only to score points but also to strategically shut out your opponent from scoring through the same number. 

The numbers that participants aim to “close” or hit three times are 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, and the bullseye. Closing a number means hitting it three times, which awards you the number’s point value and turns it into a “home” where your opponent can’t score points.

Begin with the Setup

The standard way to start a game of cricket darts is for each player or team to take turns throwing one dart at the board. The closest to the bullseye goes first, the second being second, and so on. This setup establishes the order of play and adds a touch of competitive flair right from the get-go.

How to Score

Points are scored by hitting the designated numbers. Once scored, a player’s turn becomes resisting the opponent’s attempt to close their numbers before them.

Closing Numbers

To close out a number, players must hit it three times. Until all numbers are closed by a player, every hit on that number by their opponent earns them more points. 

Master the Moves: Advanced Cricket Darts Strategies

Beyond the basic rules, cricket darts are a game of tactics and anticipation. Here are a few essential strategies to improve your game.

High-Risk, High-Reward Targets

When you’re ahead in closing out numbers, it might be tempting to take the risk and focus on closing out higher numbers. This not only scores more points upfront but also restricts your opponent’s ability to score significantly.

Playing the Defence

If your opponent is ahead on closing numbers, your goal is to play defensively. Prioritize the numbers they’re going for to slow them down. Every dart counts and a well-placed shot can disrupt their strategy and bring you back into contention.

The Art of Aiming

In darts, accuracy is everything. Practice aiming for specific targets without repeatedly double-checking the board for your score. Consistency will improve your game and save valuable time in matches.

Psychology of the Game

Understand your opponent’s style of play. Some players may get flustered if you disrupt their rhythm, while others are immune to interference. Adapt your strategy based on how the game unfolds and your knowledge of the person.

The Finer Rules of the Game

It’s important to be familiar with all the rules to play cricket darts successfully.

Leg and Set Structure

A ‘leg’ refers to one complete game of cricket darts, in which the first player or team to close all numbers and score the most points wins. A ‘set’ is typically determined by a best-of-three leg. 

Scores and Winning

The winner is the first player or team to close out all numbers and score the highest. A point value can be set at the beginning of the game, after which the game is won.

Fouls and Penalties

Specific fouls, such as throwing out of turn or obstructing your opponent’s view, can result in penalties or turn loss. It’s important to respect the game’s rules and maintain sportsmanlike conduct.

The Social Aspect of Cricket Darts

Part of what makes cricket darts so enjoyable is its social aspect. Whether you play at a local bar or host a game in your home, cricket darts are a fantastic way to engage with others while honing your skills.

Building a Community

Cricket darts can help build connections and create a community around the game. Local tournaments or a recurring game night can turn strangers into friends and friends into skilled competitors.

Sportsmanship and Etiquette

Good sportsmanship is at the heart of cricket darts. Be gracious in victory and defeat, and maintain proper etiquette during play. Respect for your opponents and the game helps ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience.

Leveraging Technology for Improvement

Technology offers tools to improve your cricket darts game in the digital age.

Dart-Tracking Apps

Numerous apps are available that record and analyze dart throws, providing valuable data on your performance and areas for improvement. These apps can track your scores and checkouts and even compare your stats with others.

Online Communities and Forums

Engaging with online communities can provide knowledge and different perspectives on the game. You can discuss strategies, watch tutorial videos, and participate in forums to join a global conversation about cricket darts.


Cricket darts is a game that rewards skill, practice, and strategy. You can transform dart throwing from a pastime into a passion by mastering the fundamental rules, employing advanced tactics, and engaging with the community. Remember to play fair, respect the game, and enjoy the friendly competition.

Start wielding those darts with purpose, and you’ll soon find that cricket darts offer endless opportunities to evolve and excel. Whether in victory or defeat, each game provides a platform to learn and grow, turning aspiring amateurs into seasoned pros. The only question remains—do you have what it takes to aim high and reign supreme in cricket darts?

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