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How many laps around a basketball court is a mile?

How Many Laps Around a Basketball Court Equals a Mile?

You’re not alone if you’ve ever wondered how many laps you need to run around a basketball court to cover a mile. This guide will provide a clear understanding of basketball court measurements, how to calculate laps for various distances, and offer helpful tips for an accurate calculation.


Knowing how many laps around a basketball court make up a mile can be helpful in school physical education units, fitness training, or casual exercise routines. Let’s break it down.

Size of a Basketball Court

A standard indoor basketball court measures 94 feet in length and 50 feet in width. The perimeter, or total distance around the court, is:

\[ (94 + 50) * 2 = 288 \text{ feet} \]

Calculating Laps in a Mile

To calculate how many laps around the court equal one mile, we use the following formula:

\[ \text{Laps} * \left(\frac{\text{Court Perimeter}}{5280}\right) = \text{Miles} \]

Given that 1 mile equals 5280 feet:

\[ \text{Laps} = \frac{5280}{288} \approx 18.33 \]

Therefore, it takes approximately 18.33 laps around a standard indoor basketball court to equal one mile.

Mileage Equivalency for Basketball Court

Using the above formula, let’s create a chart showing the number of laps for various distances:

| Distance | Number of Laps |


| 1/4 Mile (440 yards)| 4.58 |

| 1/2 Mile (880 yards)| 9.17 |

| 1 Mile (1760 yards) | 18.33 |

| 2 Miles (3520 yards)| 36.67 |

| 5K (3.1 miles) | 56.83 |

| 10K (6.2 miles) | 113.65 |

| Half Marathon (13.1 miles)| 240.02 |

| Marathon (26.2 miles)| 480.05 |

Variations in Court Sizes

Remember that outdoor basketball courts or courts of different specifications may vary slightly in size. Always measure the court’s perimeter to ensure accuracy.

Factors Affecting Accuracy

  • Measurement precision: Ensure the court dimensions are measured accurately.
  • Running path: Running along the outer edge vs. the inner edge can affect the total distance.

Comparison to Other Sports

A standard running track is 400 meters (1,312 feet), which takes about four laps to complete a mile. This is significantly fewer than the 18.33 laps needed on a basketball court.


How accurate is the 18.33 laps calculation?

The calculation is based on standard basketball court dimensions. However, actual laps may vary slightly due to running path (inner vs. outer edge) and measurement discrepancies.

Can I use the same calculation for outdoor basketball courts?

Outdoor basketball courts may have different dimensions compared to standard indoor courts. Measuring the perimeter of the specific court you are using is essential to get an accurate lap count.

Are there apps or tools to help track laps?

Many fitness-tracking apps and devices can help you count laps and distances covered. You can also use pedometers, GPS watches, or smartphone apps for running and walking.

Is running on a basketball court good for fitness?

Running laps on a basketball court can be an excellent workout, especially if you’re short on space. It’s great for cardiovascular health and endurance and can be easily integrated into various training programs.

How do I ensure I’m running the entire perimeter of the court?

To ensure accuracy, follow the boundary lines as closely as possible. Some runners prefer to stick to the outer edge, while others might choose the inner edge. Consistency in your running path will help maintain accuracy in your lap count.

Are there benefits to running shorter distances on a basketball court?

Absolutely! Running shorter distances, such as 1/4—or 1/2-mile laps, can be beneficial for interval training, allowing for rest periods or varied intensity levels. It can also make the workout more manageable for beginners.

Can I mix running with other exercises on the court?

Indeed, you can incorporate other exercises like sprints, agility drills, or strength training between laps for a more comprehensive workout. This versatility makes basketball courts a convenient space for diverse fitness routines.


In conclusion, to run a mile around a standard indoor basketball court, you must complete approximately 18.33 laps. This might vary slightly depending on the court’s exact dimensions and where on the court you run, but this calculation provides a reliable guideline.

Consider consulting with a fitness coach or PE instructor for a more comprehensive understanding and personalized fitness plans. Happy running!

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