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Football Grid: New England Patriots Game Tracker

football grid

Welcome to the interactive football grid for tracking the New England Patriots games. Here, you’ll find detailed, up-to-the-second information about game dates, opponents, scores, and results. Our game tracker is designed to give fans the ultimate tool for following their favorite team’s progress throughout the season.

Grid concept

Interactive Table Structure

Our interactive table below is separated into columns and rows. Each column represents different data points:

  • Game Date: When the game was played.
  • Opponent: The team the Patriots faced.
  • Score: The final or current score of the game.
  • Result: Win (W), Loss (L), or Tie (T).

The rows represent each game played or scheduled by the New England Patriots, with color-coded highlights making it easy to discern outcomes at a glance.

| Game Date | Opponent | Score | Result |


| 09/12/2023 | Team A | 24-17 | !#00FF00 `W` |

| 09/19/2023 | Team B | 14-21 | !#FF4136 `L` |

| 09/26/2023 | Team C | – | `Upcoming` |

| … | … | … | … |

Wins are highlighted in green, losses in red, and ties in yellow. Upcoming games are marked.

Grids in strategy

Update Mechanism

Our grid updates in one of the following manners:

  • Real-time: Live updates during the game, offering quarter-by-quarter tracking.
  • Post-Game: Final results are updated within minutes of the game ending.

User Interaction Options

We’ve included several interactive elements for a personalized experience:

  • Filter by opponentdate range, or venue.
  • Sort by scoredate, or outcome.

Design Elements for the Best User Experience

  • Clear headers and consistent color-coding for an intuitive interface.
  • Interactive filtering and sorting features for customized views.
  • The responsive design makes it accessible on a variety of devices.
  • Distinct formats for upcoming games to distinguish them from past games.
  • Social sharing options enable fans to share the excitement with friends.
  • Timely updates with indicators to inform about real-time or post-game data.
  • Tooltips or pop-ups that reveal more in-depth details on specific games.
  • Visual indicators for in-progress games help users track live action.


Our interactive table for tracking the New England Patriots game progress offers fans a dynamic way to follow the season. Get real-life experience whether you’re viewing on mobile or desktop, ensuring you never miss a play, point, or pivotal game moment. Enjoy the game, and go Patriots!

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