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Egypt vs Mozambique National Football Team Lineups

egypt national football team vs mozambique national football team lineups

This is an in-depth look at the upcoming confrontation between the storied Egypt national football team and the tenacious Mozambique national team. With tactical prowess and skilled players on both sides, this match promises to be a significant event for both nations.

Overview of Egypt and Mozambique teams

The Egypt national team, known for their solid footballing culture and seven-time Africa Cup of Nations champions, is up against the resilient Mozambique team, which is making notable strides in African football.

Key Players

Star players to watch in the match:

  • Egypt: Mohamed Salah’s incredible skill and precision on the field make him the linchpin of Egypt’s attack.
  • Mozambique: Luís Miquissone, known for his agility and quick pace, poses a genuine threat up front.

Previous Encounters

  • Egypt and Mozambique have a limited history, with Egypt winning their one encounter 2-0 in a friendly match back in 2009.

Current Form

  • Egypt: Coming off a series of solid performances with a well-established squad.
  • Mozambique: Showcasing growth and adaptability in recent matches, their united front will be vital in heading toward success.

Predicted Lineups

  • Egypt National Football Team: 
  • Goalkeeper: Mohamed El-Shenawy
  • Defenders: Ahmed Hegazi, Ayman Ashraf, Mohamed Hany, Mohamed Abdel Salam
  • Midfielders: Tarek Hamed, Mohamed Elneny, Mahmoud Hassan Trezeguet
  • Forwards: Mohamed Salah, Ramadan Sobhi, Ahmed Hassan Kouka
  • Mozambique National Football Team: 
  • Goalkeeper: Guirrugo
  • Defenders: Zainadine Junior, Kambala, Jeitoso, Bheu
  • Midfielders: Clésio Baúque, Kambala, Gildo Vilanculos, Geny Catamo
  • Forwards: Luís Miquissone, Stanley Ratifo

Match Analysis

  • Strengths of Egypt: Established stars and a solid defense line contribute to their tactical advantage and goal-scoring capabilities.
  • Weaknesses of Mozambique: Relative inexperience on the big stage may impact their performance against seasoned teams like Egypt.
  • Strengths of Mozambique: A young and dynamic roster could surprise with its speed and adaptability.
  • Weaknesses of Egypt: The team can sometimes rely too heavily on star players, leading to predictability in challenging games.


The match between Egypt and Mozambique will provide fans with a glimpse into the ongoing evolution of African football, where tactics, skill, and passion shared by both teams will undoubtedly craft a memorable game.

Historical statistics favor Egypt, with its higher ranking and past achievements pointing to a stronger team on paper. Yet, in the world of football, it is the performance on the day that counts. Hence, both teams will stand ready to give their utmost when they take to the pitch.

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