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Davis Wade Stadium – Home of the Bulldogs

davis wade stadium

Stadium History

Davis Wade Stadium stands proudly in the heart of Starkville, Mississippi, echoing the cheers and spirit of Mississippi State BulldogsBulldogs’ football fans far and wide. Built in 1914, this stadium welcomed just 500 spectators to the sidelines. However, as the roars from the crowd grew louder, the stadium expanded its horizons.

Don Magruder Scott, an exemplar of MSU’s athletic prowess, lent his name to the stadium. It further honored the legacy of contributors Floyd Davis Wade Sr. and his son, ushering in a new era at Davis Wade Stadium. This hallowed ground has witnessed countless hard-fought games and pivotal moments in college football history.

A centennial renovation in 2014 marked the stadium’s commitment to the future. With its capacity now exceeding 61,000, it stands as the second-largest stadium in Mississippi, a monumental tribute to the impossible team spirit and Bulldog tenacity.

Stadium Features and Amenities

  • Expansive Seating: Davis Wade Stadium now houses 61,000 fans, forming an intimidating sea of maroon and white.
  • Immersive Audio-Visuals: State-of-the-art video boards and sound systems resonate the highs and lows of every game, making sure fans don’t miss a heartbeat of action.
  • Luxury Seating: Upscale club seating, suites, and loge boxes redefine game-day luxury, providing unparalleled views and amenities.
  • Concessions Galore: Take a gastronomic tour with many concession stands featuring local cuisines and traditional favorites.
  • Tech-Enhanced Experience: Stay connected with enhanced Wi-Fi and mobile coverage, ensuring a seamless digital experience.
  • Interactive Fan Zone: Energize your spirit before kickoff with exciting fan zone activities designed to amplify the game-day thrill.
  • Elite Athlete Facilities: Modern, well-equipped locker rooms and training facilities offer a sanctuary for the Bulldogs to regroup and strategize.
  • Accessible Parking and Transportation: Ample parking and shuttle services guarantee an effortless approachability to the stadium’s gates.
  • Eco-Friendly Initiatives: LED lighting and water-saving installations reflect MSU’s sustainability ethos.
  • Inclusive Environment: The stadium prides itself on accessibility options, committing to a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all fans, regardless of physical ability.

Davis Wade Stadium is the beacon of Mississippi State University’s athletic ambition and a testament to tradition entwined with innovation. Every game is an invitation to be part of a legacy that grows with each passing season. Welcome to Davis Wade Stadium, the battleground of champions, where history is made and remembered.

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