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Premium Cue Ball – Elevate Your Billiards Experience

Take your billiards game to the next level with our precision-engineered cue ball, designed for amateur enthusiasts and seasoned pros. Crafted from high-density phenolic resin, this cue ball boasts unbeatable durability and longevity, keeping your game consistent and accurate for years.

Key Features:

  • Optimal Durability: Constructed with superior phenolic resin, it’s built to withstand high-impact shots and the test of time.
  • Perfect Roundness: Each ball is precision-engineered, ensuring actual roll and precision in your shots.
  • Anti-Static Design: Reduce wear on the pool tablecloth and maintain a clean ball, free from dust and chalk.
  • Smooth Surface Finish: Advanced finish for outstanding control and spin, giving you an edge in every shot.
  • Vibrant Color: A bright, easily identifiable hue stands out on the table, making it simple to track during play.

How to Use Your Cue Ball for Optimal Performance:

  • Keep It Clean: A clean cue ball reduces inconsistencies in play. Wipe the ball before every match to remove residues that may affect its roll.
  • Check Your Cue Tip: Always check your cue stick tip to ensure it’s in prime condition. This helps protect the smooth surface of your cue ball and leads to better shots.
  • Hit Centrally or Below: Strike the cue ball around the centre to maintain control. Aim slightly below the centre, known as a “stop shot,” to minimize unwanted cue ball movement.
  • Control Your Spin: For shots that need English, hit the cue ball off-centre and practice varying your strike speed to master control over spin.
  • Regular Inspections: Watch for any damage to the cue ball. Chips, cracks, or excessive wear can alter the trajectory and should prompt a replacement for the best gameplay.

Invest in a cue ball that offers uncompromised quality and performance. Whether refining your skill or nailing the perfect shot, our premium cue ball is your partner in achieving billiards’ brilliance. 

Shop now and transform your billiards experience with our expertly crafted cue ball—where precision meets durability.

Image Product Details   Price
Untitled design (23) McDermott Marble Series Billard Ball Set Marbleized texture/design
High-gloss finish
Perfectly balanced
Vibrant colors
Professional grade and Official size and weight
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Untitled design (22) McDermott Galaxy Series Professional Billiards Pool Balls McDermott Galaxy Lunar Rocks Pool Balls
Feature metallic silver texture and high-gloss finish like the look of the moon’s surface, shimmering moon-like design complete with oversized numbers
Made from premium material with durable playability for years of shooting practice and game performance
The ball set comes with a cue ball as black as the darkest black hole for your shoots, bringing the most fun to your table game.
Check Price
Untitled design (27) EBM11 Pool Cue – Black, White, Grey, and Pink with Winged Pink Hearts TIP: 13mm, seven-layered vacuum-sealed proprietary boar skin tip.
SHAFT: 29″ hard rock maple, 10 – 12″ pro taper.
FOREARM: Black with pink heart and wings graphic design.
WRAP: Butt Plate: Black composite with silver Action logo.
BUTT SLEEVE: Black with pink heart and wings graphic design.
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