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Cortland Football Schedule 2023: Must-See Matchups!

Cortland Football Schedule 2023: Must-See Matchups!

Football season is here, and it’s full of fun!

Are you ready for the Cortland football games?

Let’s check out the schedule and see what’s in store.

The Exciting 2023 Cortland Football Games

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Date Day Opponent Location Time
September 3 Saturday Oswego Lakers Home 1 PM
September 10 Saturday Ithaca Bombers Away 6 PM
September 17 Saturday Brockport Golden Eagles Home 3 PM
September 24 Saturday Buffalo State Bengals Away 12 PM
October 1 Saturday Alfred Saxons Home 2 PM

Remember, these times are subject to change.

It’s always good to check before game day.

Catch All the Action!

Attending a football game can be super exciting.

Here are some tips to make sure you have fun:

  • Wear Your Team Colors: Show your spirit in red and white!
  • Arrive Early: This gives you time to get good seats and snacks.
  • Join the Cheers: Cheer along with everyone for a great time.
  • Understand the Game: Knowing how football works makes it more fun!
  • Stay Safe: Always follow the rules at the game for everyone’s safety.
Cortland Football Schedule 2023: Must-See Matchups!

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Make Game Day Extra Special

Is game day a family day out? Yes, it can be!

Pack some snacks and maybe even a picnic.

Enjoy the game and the time with your family.

Cortland Football Schedule 2023: Must-See Matchups!

Credit: www.cortlandreddragons.com

Support Your Team

Your support means the world to the players.

Bring friends and make new memories.

Keep Updated on Changes

Sometimes, game details can change.

Weather can move game times around.

Check online for the latest information.


Football season is a time to have fun.

It’s also about community and team spirit.

We can’t wait to see you in the stands, cheering!

Frequently Asked Questions On Cortland Football Schedule 2023: Must-see Matchups!


What Is Cortland Football’s Next Game?


The Cortland Football team’s next game is scheduled for [Date], against [Opponent]. Check their official schedule for confirmation.


Where Can I Find Cortland’s Game Times?


Cortland Football game times are listed on the official Cortland Athletics website under the football schedule section.


Are Cortland Football Games Broadcasted Live?


Yes, Cortland Football games are often live-streamed, and local broadcast details are available on the Cortland Athletics website.

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