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Campus Point Surf Cam

Campus Point Surf Cam

Hey little surfers! Have you ever seen the ocean’s big waves?

Want to know about them before going surfing? You’re in the right place!

What Is The Campus Point Surf Cam?

The Campus Point Surf Cam is a special camera.

It shows live pictures of the ocean from Campus Point Beach.

Surfers use it to see waves before they surf.

Why Is It So Cool?

A Surf Cam is like an eye on the beach.

It lets you know if the waves are good or bad.

You can see this without going to the beach.

Campus Point Surf Cam

Credit: thesurfersview.com

What Can We See On The Surf Cam?

  • The Wave Size: See how big or small waves are.
  • The Crowd: Check how many surfers are there.
  • Weather: Look at the sky! Is it sunny or cloudy?

How Does the Surf Cam Help Surfers?

Surfers always want good waves.

The Surf Cam helps save time.

No need to guess the surf conditions.

When Is The Best Time To Check The Cam?

Early morning is often the best time.

Waves are usually better then. But check anytime!

The Surf Cam is on 24 hours a day

Campus Point Surf Cam

Credit: www.surfline.com

Finding the Campus Point Surf Cam

Go online and search for “Campus Point Surf Cam”.

Click on the link to see the live cam.

Tips for Using the Surf Cam

  • Look at the cam before you plan to surf.
  • Compare the wave sizes at different times.
  • See how the weather changes the waves.

What Else Can You Do At Campus Point?

Campus Point is more than just surfing.

You can swim, build sandcastles, and have fun.

It’s a place for the whole family to enjoy.


Fun Facts About Campus Point

Fact Description
Location It’s near a university in California.
Surf Level Good for all surfers, even beginners.
Wildlife Dolphins and seals can be seen sometimes.

Remember To Stay Safe

Always surf with a buddy. It’s safer that way!

Wear sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun.

Follow the beach rules so everyone can have fun.


Where Is Campus Point Surf Cam Located?

Campus Point surf cam is situated at UCSB in Santa Barbara, California, offering live beach and surf conditions.

Can I Check Campus Point Waves Online?

Yes, real-time wave conditions at Campus Point are viewable online via the surf cam’s live stream.

What’s The Best Time To Surf Campus Point?

The optimal time for surfing at Campus Point is during the fall and winter months when swells are most consistent.


The Campus Point Surf Cam is your friend.

It shows you the ocean and what the waves are doing.

Check the Surf Cam and let the fun begin!

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