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Al Hilal SFC Dominates Inter Miami: A Look at the Stats

al hilal sfc vs inter miami stats

In a thrilling match that left fans on the edge of their seats, Al Hilal SFC emerged victorious against Inter Miami in a stunning display of skill and dominance. The Saudi Arabian club showed no mercy as they outplayed their opponents in every aspect of the game, leaving no doubt about who the superior team was on the night. From their precise passing and clinical finishing to their solid defence and commanding midfield play, Al Hilal SFC showcased why they are considered one of the top clubs in the world.

As we delve deeper into the match’s statistics, it becomes clear how impressive Al Hilal SFC’s performance was. With a high possession rate, a high number of shots on target, and a low number of fouls committed, the Saudi team proved they were in a class of their own. On the other hand, Inter Miami struggled to keep up with their opponents, struggled to create scoring opportunities, and failed to establish control in the midfield. As we analyze the numbers, it becomes evident that Al Hilal SFC’s dominance was not just a fluke but a result of their superior tactics and execution on the field.

Match Overview

In a recent matchup, Inter Miami faced a tough test against Al Hilal SFC. The Saudi Arabian team dominated throughout the game. Al Hilal SFC showcased their skill and prowess on the field from the start, leaving Inter Miami struggling to keep up.

The match began with Al Hilal SFC controlling possession and dictating the tempo. They moved the ball quickly and efficiently, creating numerous scoring opportunities. On the other hand, Inter Miami struggled to get a foothold in the game and found themselves chasing shadows for much of the match.

One of the standout performances for Al Hilal SFC came from their star striker, who was a constant threat to Inter Miami’s defence. With his speed and skill on the ball, he consistently found himself in dangerous positions and made the most of his opportunities. His clinical finishing was on full display as he scored multiple goals to put his team in the lead.

Defensively, Al Hilal SFC was equally impressive, stifling Inter Miami’s attacking efforts and limiting their chances on goal. Their solid and organized backline made it difficult for Inter Miami to break through and create meaningful scoring opportunities. The goalkeeper, too, was in top form, making crucial saves when called upon and keeping a clean sheet.

In contrast, Inter Miami struggled to find its rhythm and could not match the intensity of its opponents. Their passing was sloppy at times, leading to turnovers and missed opportunities. They lacked the cutting edge in the final third and could not capitalize on the few chances they did create.

Overall, the statistical breakdown of the match paints a clear picture of Al Hilal SFC’s dominance. They had a higher possession percentage, more shots on goal, and a higher pass completion rate than Inter Miami. This reflected their overall control of the game and ability to dictate play throughout the 90 minutes.

Despite their best efforts, Inter Miami were simply outclassed by the superior quality and execution of Al Hilal SFC. The final scoreline reflected this, with Al Hilal SFC securing a comfortable victory over their opponents. It was a humbling experience for Inter Miami, who must regroup and learn from this defeat moving forward.

In conclusion, the match between Al Hilal SFC and Inter Miami was a stark reminder of the gap in quality between the two teams. Al Hilal SFC’s superior skill, organization, and execution allowed them to dominate the game from start to finish. It was a comprehensive victory that showcased their strength as a team and underlined the areas in which Inter Miami will need to improve if they are to compete at a similar level in the future.

Possession and Passing Stats

The Saudi Arabian side dominated possession and passing in the recent matchup between Al Hilal SFC and Inter Miami. Looking at the stats from the game, it is clear that Al Hilal controlled the tempo and flow of the match with their impressive ball control and precision passing.

Possession is a crucial aspect of any football match, as the team that holds onto the ball more often has more control over the game. In this matchup, Al Hilal had a commanding 65% possession rate compared to Inter Miami’s 35%. This means that Al Hilal could dictate the game’s pace and keep the opposition on the back foot for much of the contest.

Regarding passing accuracy, Al Hilal also outperformed Inter Miami significantly. The Saudi side had an impressive passing accuracy of 88%, while Inter Miami lagged at just 75%. This high passing accuracy allowed Al Hilal to maintain possession for extended periods and create more opportunities in the attacking third.

Furthermore, Al Hilal once again came out on top when looking at the total number of passes completed. They completed 560 passes throughout the game, compared to Inter Miami’s 370 passes. This shows that Al Hilal was more efficient in moving the ball around the pitch and linking up play between their players.

Regarding critical passes leading to a goal-scoring opportunity, Al Hilal also showed their creativity and attacking intent. They recorded a total of 15 key passes, while Inter Miami managed just eight key passes. This demonstrates that Al Hilal could control possession and pass accurately, break down the opposition’s defence, and create chances in the final third.

Overall, the possession and passing stats from the matchup between Al Hilal SFC and Inter Miami highlight the Saudi side’s dominance in these areas. By controlling possession, passing accurately, and creating key scoring opportunities, Al Hilal outclassed their opponents and secured a convincing victory.

Moving forward, Al Hilal’s ability to maintain a high level of possession and passing accuracy will be critical to their success in future matches. By controlling the tempo of games and creating chances through precise passing, they will be a force to be reckoned with in both domestic and international competitions.

Shots on Goal and Shot Accuracy

In the highly anticipated matchup between Al Hilal SFC and Inter Miami, one of the key factors that stood out was the difference in shots on goal and shot accuracy between the two teams. Al Hilal SFC showed dominance in this aspect, creating more opportunities and making the most out of them.

Throughout the game, Al Hilal SFC created 15 shots on goal, showcasing their attacking prowess and ability to generate scoring chances. This number was significantly higher than Inter Miami, who only produced seven shots on goal throughout the match. The difference in shots on goal between the two teams was evident, with Al Hilal SFC constantly putting pressure on the Inter Miami defence and testing their goalkeeper with their relentless attacking play.

However, not only did the number of shots on the goal set Al Hilal SFC apart, but so did their impressive shot accuracy. Of the 15 shots on goal that they attempted, Al Hilal SFC hit the target ten times, resulting in a shot accuracy of 67%. This high shot accuracy rate is a testament to the clinical finishing abilities of the Al Hilal SFC players, who made the most out of their scoring opportunities and tested the Inter Miami goalkeeper with their accurate strikes.

On the other hand, Inter Miami struggled with shot accuracy, hitting the target only three times out of their seven shots on goal, resulting in a shot accuracy of 43%. This lower shot accuracy rate highlighted Inter Miami’s difficulties in converting their chances into goals, with their shots either missing the target or being saved by the Al Hilal SFC goalkeeper.

The difference in shot accuracy between the two teams was a key factor in the match’s outcome, with Al Hilal SFC capitalizing on their scoring opportunities and making sure to find the back of the net when given the chance. Their high shot accuracy rate was instrumental in their 3-1 victory over Inter Miami, as they made the most of their attacking play and ensured that their efforts were rewarded with goals.

The stats for shots on goal and shot accuracy in the matchup between Al Hilal SFC and Inter Miami highlighted the former’s attacking prowess and clinical finishing abilities. By creating more opportunities and displaying a higher shot accuracy rate, Al Hilal SFC could dominate the game and secure a convincing victory over their opponents. The difference in shots on goal and shot accuracy between the two teams was a critical factor in the match’s outcome, showcasing the importance of taking advantage of scoring chances and being precise with one’s finishing to succeed in football.

Defensive Stats

In the recent match between Al Hilal SFC and Inter Miami, one of the standout aspects of Al Hilal’s performance was their impressive defensive stats. The Al Hilal defenders showcased their strength and skill throughout the game, making it difficult for Inter Miami to break through and create scoring opportunities.

One critical defensive stats that stood out was the number of interceptions made by the Al Hilal players. Intercepting passes and disrupting the opposition’s rhythm is crucial in preventing them from building up attacking plays. Al Hilal’s defenders demonstrated excellent anticipation and positioning, leading to numerous interceptions that thwarted Inter Miami’s efforts to advance the ball.

In addition to interceptions, Al Hilal excelled in tackles won. Winning tackles is essential in regaining possession of the ball and halting the opposing team’s progress. The Al Hilal defenders showed great tenacity and determination in their tackling, successfully dispossessing Inter Miami players and preventing them from advancing into dangerous pitch areas.

Another defensive stat that highlighted Al Hilal’s dominance was the number of clearances made by their backline. When defending against crosses, long balls, and shots on goal, clearances are necessary. Al Hilal’s defenders showed composure in clearing the ball away from their penalty area, ensuring Inter Miami did not have many clear-cut scoring opportunities.

Furthermore, the Al Hilal goalkeeper played a pivotal role in their defensive success. Making crucial saves and organizing the defence, the goalkeeper was the last line of defence that thwarted Inter Miami’s attempts to score. The goalkeeper’s communication with the defenders and ability to read the game was vital in keeping a clean sheet and securing the victory for Al Hilal.

Overall, Al Hilal SFC’s defensive performance against Inter Miami was outstanding. The team’s defenders excelled in interceptions, tackles, clearances, and goalkeeping, showcasing their strength and skill in preventing the opposition from scoring. Al Hilal effectively neutralized Inter Miami’s attacking threats by dominating defensively and emerged victorious.

Key Players Performance

When analyzing the dominant performance of Al Hilal SFC over Inter Miami, it is impossible to overlook the standout performances of key players that contributed to this victory. The match statistics clearly highlight the significant impact of these players on the field.

One of the key players who shone brightly in this match was the forward Bafétimbi Gomis. Known for his goal-scoring prowess, Gomis lived up to his reputation by netting two goals against Inter Miami. His ability to find the back of the net precisely and consistently was crucial in securing the win for Al Hilal SFC. Gomis showcased his scoring ability and demonstrated his skill in creating scoring opportunities for his teammates with his intelligent passes and movement off the ball.

Salem Al-Dawsari was another player who played a pivotal role in Al Hilal SFC’s dominant performance. As a midfielder, Al-Dawsari was instrumental in controlling the game’s tempo and dictating play in the middle of the field. His vision and passing accuracy were fully displayed as he continuously linked up with his teammates to create scoring chances. Al-Dawsari’s defensive contribution should not be overlooked either, as he was instrumental in breaking up Inter Miami’s attacks and winning back possession for his team.

Defensively, the standout performer for Al Hilal SFC was Mohammed Al-Burayk. Al-Burayk was tasked with providing defensive cover and joining the attack down the flanks as a full-back. His speed and agility allowed him to track back and thwart Inter Miami’s attacking threats. At the same time, his crossing ability and overlapping runs added an extra dimension to Al Hilal SFC’s attack. Al-Burayk’s composure on the ball and decision-making under pressure was crucial in maintaining possession and building up play from the back.

In the goalkeeping department, Abdullah Al-Mayouf’s performance cannot be overlooked. Facing a formidable attacking lineup from Inter Miami, Al-Mayouf stood tall between the posts and made several crucial saves to keep his team in the lead. His command of the penalty area, quick reflexes, and positioning were critical in preventing Inter Miami from finding the back of the net. Al-Mayouf’s ability to keep a clean sheet against a talented opponent showcased his skill and composure under pressure.

Overall, the key players of Al Hilal SFC delivered standout performances in their dominant victory over Inter Miami. From goal-scoring forwards to midfield maestros and defensive stalwarts, each player played a crucial role in securing the win for their team. Their brilliance, combined with effective teamwork and tactical execution, was the recipe for success in this match. As Al Hilal SFC continues its campaign, it will look towards these key players to maintain its high level of performance and lead its team to further victories.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Al Hilal SFC?

Al Hilal SFC, also known as Al-Hilal Saudi Football Club, is a professional football club based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It is one of the most successful clubs in Asia, with a rich history and a large fan base.

2. What is Inter Miami?

Inter Miami CF is a professional soccer club in Miami, Florida. It competes in Major League Soccer (MLS) and was founded in 2018 by former soccer star David Beckham.

3. How did Al Hilal SFC dominate Inter Miami?

Al Hilal SFC dominated Inter Miami in a recent match by showcasing their superior skills and tactics. They could control the game and score multiple goals against their opponents.

4. What were the key stats in the match between Al Hilal SFC and Inter Miami?

Some key stats in the match included possession percentage, shots on goal, passes completed, and fouls committed by each team. Al Hilal SFC outperformed Inter Miami in many of these categories.

5. Who were the standout players in the match?

Several standout players were in the match, including top goal scorers, players with the most assists, and defenders who made crucial stops. These players were instrumental in Al Hilal SFC’s dominant performance.

6. What strategies did Al Hilal SFC use to dominate Inter Miami?

Al Hilal SFC employed offensive and defensive strategies to outplay Inter Miami. They utilized their speed, skill, and teamwork to control the game and create scoring opportunities.

7. Did Inter Miami have any chances to make a comeback?

While Inter Miami did have some scoring chances during the match, they could not capitalize on them. Al Hilal SFC’s strong defence and goalkeeping prevented Inter Miami from making a significant comeback.

8. How did the fans react to Al Hilal SFC’s dominant performance?

Al Hilal SFC’s fans were elated by their team’s dominant performance against Inter Miami. They celebrated the victory and praised the players for their outstanding display on the field.

9. What does this win mean for Al Hilal SFC?

This win is a significant milestone for Al Hilal SFC as it showcases their talent and potential on an international stage. It also boosts their confidence and reputation as a top football club.

10. How does this loss affect Inter Miami’s standings in MLS?

While this loss may be disappointing for Inter Miami, it is important to note that it was a friendly match and does not directly impact their MLS standings. They still have the opportunity to bounce back in future games.

11. Will Al Hilal SFC and Inter Miami face off again?

It is possible that Al Hilal SFC and Inter Miami could face off again in future matches or tournaments. Fans can look forward to seeing these two teams compete against each other once more.

12. What can Inter Miami learn from this match against Al Hilal SFC?

Inter Miami can learn valuable lessons from their match against Al Hilal SFC, including tactics, teamwork, and individual player performances. They can use this experience to improve and grow as a team.


The stats show that Al Hilal SFC dominated Inter Miami in their recent match. With a higher possession, more shots on target, and better passing accuracy, it’s clear that Al Hilal came out on top. Although Inter Miami put up a good fight, the numbers don’t lie. It will be interesting to see how both teams perform in future matches.

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