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Iowa State vs Baylor

iowa state vs baylor

On October 2, 2021, Jack Trice Stadium in Ames, Iowa, hosted a pivotal Big 12 Conference clash between Iowa State and Baylor. Both teams, contenders for the conference title, delivered a thrilling encounter that kept fans on the edge of their seats. With significant implications for the championship race, the game featured standout performances, strategic defensive plays, and dramatic turning points.

Key Player Performances

Iowa State

  • Breece Hall:
  • Performance: Dominated the ground game with 190 rushing yards and two touchdowns.
  • Impact: Demonstrated his status as one of the nation’s top running backs, providing Iowa State with crucial offensive firepower.
  • Brock Purdy:
  • Performance: Passed for 230 yards and one touchdown while also contributing with critical plays on the ground.
  • Impact: Showcased exceptional leadership and playmaking abilities, keeping Iowa State in contention throughout the game.


  • Jalen Pitre:
  • Performance: Led the defensive efforts, contributing to holding Iowa State to 29 points and securing a critical fourth-quarter interception.
  • Impact: They played a pivotal role in Baylor’s defensive strategy, making game-changing plays that influenced the outcome.
  • Gerry Bohanon:
  • Performance: Threw for 221 yards and two touchdowns, including a decisive scoring drive in the final minutes.
  • Impact: Demonstrated composure under pressure, sealing the victory for Baylor with crucial plays down the stretch.

Key Turning Points

Breece Hall’s Touchdown Run

In the third quarter, Breece Hall’s explosive touchdown run shifted momentum in favor of Iowa State. It was a game-changing moment that highlighted Hall’s ability to make impactful plays when it mattered most.

Baylor’s Timely Interception

A critical interception by Baylor in the fourth quarter halted an Iowa State drive, providing Baylor with a crucial scoring opportunity. This defensive play underscored the importance of timely turnovers in a tightly contested game.

Gerry Bohanon’s Clutch Touchdown Pass

Gerry Bohanon’s touchdown pass in the final minutes sealed Baylor’s victory. This play not only demonstrated Bohanon’s poise under pressure but also highlighted Baylor’s ability to execute in high-stakes situations.

Defensive Adjustments

Both teams made significant defensive adjustments throughout the game, particularly in the second half. These strategic changes played a crucial role in shaping the outcome, with both defenses stepping up to limit scoring opportunities.

Game Summary

Intense back-and-forth action, strategic defensive plays, and standout individual performances characterized the game between Iowa State and Baylor. Breece Hall led Iowa State with a dominant ground game, while Baylor’s Jalen Pitre and Gerry Bohanon made critical plays on both sides of the ball. The turning points, including Hall’s touchdown run, Baylor’s timely interception, and Bohanon’s game-winning touchdown pass, ultimately led to a final score of Iowa State 29, Baylor 31. Baylor emerged victorious in a thrilling contest, underscoring the significance of strategic execution and composure under pressure in determining the outcome of high-stakes games.


The Iowa State vs. Baylor game on October 2, 2021, will be remembered as a showcase of skill, strategy, and resilience. Both teams demonstrated why they are top contenders in the Big 12 Conference, and the game’s dramatic turning points highlighted the unpredictable nature of college football. With Baylor emerging victorious, this game will undoubtedly have a lasting impact on the conference championship race, setting the stage for even more exciting matchups in the future.

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