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How to Get Possessed Bows in Archer Forest?

In Archer Forest: Quest for the Elden Bows, acquiring powerful weapons like possessed bows can significantly affect your gameplay. If you’re currently at Stage 5, The Haunted Thicket, and are having trouble finding these elusive bows, this guide is for you.

Understanding the Drop Rates

Before jumping into strategy, it’s essential to understand the drop rates for possessed bows in Stage 5:

  • Basic Enemies: 1 in 30 chance of dropping a possessed bow.
  • Elite Enemies: 1 in 15 chance of dropping a possessed bow.
  • Boss Enemy: Guaranteed drop of a possessed bow.
  • Replaying Stage 5: Each completion increases the drop rate by 0.5%, up to a maximum of 10%.

Optimized Strategy for Acquiring Possessed Bows

Step 1: Equip the Right Gear

  • Drop Rate Boosters: Equip gear that increases the drop rate of rare items.
  • Perception or Luck Enhancers: Use abilities or items that enhance your character’s perception or luck.
  • Combat Efficiency: Equip accessories that boost attack power or critical hit rates for quicker enemy eliminations.

Step 2: Plan Your Optimal Route

Follow this detailed route to maximize encounters with elite and basic enemies:

  1. Enter from the South:
    • Proceed north to clear the first group of elemental enemies.
    1. Head East:
    • Engage the first elite enemy in the eastern clearing.
    1. Continue Northeast:
    • Take the path to the next elite enemy, guarding a small chest.
    1. Double Back Slightly:
    • Move south and head northwest to confront the second group of elemental enemies.
    1. Head West:
    • Engage and defeat the Boss Enemy to obtain a guaranteed possessed bow.
    1. Repeat:
    • Optionally, replay the stage following the same route to take advantage of the increased drop rate.
  • Step 3: Focus on Elite and Boss Enemies
    • Elite Enemies:
    • Prioritize these over basic enemies due to their higher drop rate.
    • Boss Enemy:
    • Make it a point to defeat the Boss Enemy every run, as it guarantees a possessed bow.
  • Detailed Strategy for Defeating the Boss Enemy
    • Ranged Attacks:
    • Keep your distance and use ranged attacks to avoid close-quarter combat.
    • Counter Heavy Attacks:
    • Please wait for the Boss to initiate its heavy attack, then counter with rapid shots or spells.
    • Use the Environment:
    • Seek cover behind obstacles to limit the Boss’s attacks.
    • Stay Mobile:
    • Keep moving to avoid the Boss’s area-of-effect abilities.
    • Enhance Damage Output:
    • Use items or skills that weaken the Boss or increase your damage.
    • Observe Patterns:
    • Watch for the Boss’s telegraphed attacks and adjust your strategy accordingly.
    • AI Companions:
    • Coordinate with AI companions to distract the Boss, giving you opportunities for attacks from behind.


Can I obtain a possessed bow from basic enemies?

  • Yes, but the drop rate is significantly lower than elite enemies and the Boss Enemy.
  • Do I need to defeat the Boss Enemy multiple times to obtain more than one possessed bow?
  • No, defeating the Boss once guarantees a possessed bow drop.
  • Can I still use this strategy if I don’t have AI companions?
  • Yes, but it may be more challenging as you need more support to distract and attack the Boss.


  • Following this guide will significantly increase your chances of acquiring possessed bows in Stage 5, The Haunted Thicket. Equip the right gear, follow the optimal route, focus on elite and Boss enemies, and employ a solid strategy to defeat the Boss Enemy.