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How to Change Golf Grips?

how to change golf grips

Changing your golf grips can revitalize your clubs and improve your performance on the course. Follow this step-by-step guide to ensure a smooth and successful grip replacement process.

Tools and Materials Needed

  • New golf grips (number based on the clubs you plan to re-grip)
  • Grip solvent (specialized solvent for loosening the old adhesive)
  • Double-sided grip tape (to securely attach the new grips)
  • Utility knife or grip-cutting tool (to remove the old grips)
  • Vise or grip station (to hold the club securely during the process)
  • Towel or cloth (for cleaning and to absorb any excess solvent)
  • Hook blade (optional for removing old grip tape)

Step-by-Step Instructions

Secure the Club

    Secure the club in a vise or grip station to prevent it from moving during the process. This ensures safety and precision.

    Remove the Old Grip

      Use a utility knife or grip-cutting tool to carefully cut through the old grip, avoiding damage to the shaft. Once the old grip is removed, clean the shaft with a cloth to ensure it’s free of any old adhesive or dirt.

      Apply Grip Tape

        Measure and cut the double-sided grip tape to match the length of the club’s grip area and apply it evenly. Make sure the tape is free of bubbles or wrinkles.

        Apply Grip Solvent

          Pour a small amount of grip solvent into the new grip and swish it around to coat the inside. Pour the excess solvent over the tape on the club’s grip area.

          Install the New Grip

            Slide the new grip onto the club, making sure it aligns with the clubface. Quickly adjust its position as needed before the solvent dries.

            Clean and Dry

              Use a towel or cloth to wipe off any excess solvent. Allow the club to sit for a few hours to allow the grip and tape to adhere fully.

              Trim Excess Tape (Optional)

                If using a hook blade, carefully trim any excess tape sticking out from the top of the grip.


                  Repeat the process for all the other clubs, ensuring that each grip is securely and evenly attached.


                    Once all the grips are replaced, inspect each club to ensure the grips are secure.

                    Tips and Warnings

                    • Work in a well-ventilated area when using grip solvent.
                    • Double-check grip alignment before the solvent dries, as adjustments will be difficult afterward.
                    • Clean the shaft thoroughly to ensure a strong bond between the tape and grip.
                    • Use caution with the utility knife or grip-cutting tool to avoid damaging the shaft or injuring yourself.
                    • Ensure the club is securely held in the vise or grip station to prevent injury and damage to the club.
                    • Allow ample time for the grips to fully adhere before using the clubs.

                    Common Issues and Solutions

                    1. Grips not sliding on smoothly:
                    • Ensure the solvent is evenly applied and not dried out. Work quickly to adjust the grip position before the solvent sets.
                    1. Grips not aligning properly:
                    • Double-check alignment before the solvent dries. If needed, reapply the solvent to readjust the grip.
                    1. Grip tape not adhering well:
                    • Clean the shaft thoroughly, ensuring it’s free of old adhesive. Apply the tape evenly with no bubbles.
                    1. Overuse of grip solvent:
                    • Pour a conservative amount into the grip and on the tape. Using too much can affect the grip’s adhesion and lead to slipping over time.
                    1. Difficulty removing old grips:
                    • Use grip solvent to loosen the adhesive. If necessary, use a hook blade carefully to cut through the old grip.
                    1. Grips slipping or twisting after installation:
                    • Ensure the grips are left to dry and adhere fully before use. Double-check that the tape and grips are securely attached.

                    Visual Aids

                    • Grip Application Video: Demonstrates each step of the grip replacement process.
                    • Tool Demonstration Images: Shows the tools you’ll need and how to use them.
                    • Before-and-After Photos: Highlights the transformation of your clubs with new grips.

                    By following these steps and tips, you’ll have fresh grips ready to improve your game. Happy golfing!

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