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How many points does Lebron need to pass Karl Malone?

how many points does lebron need to pass karl malone

LeBron James has officially surpassed Karl Malone to become the NBA’s second all-time leading scorer! With a single point scored on April 15, 2023, LeBron’s career total now stands at 36,929, cementing his legacy in basketball history. Congratulations to the King!

Celebrating LeBron’s Achievement

Highlights Reel

We invite you to relive LeBron’s most memorable scoring moments to commemorate this monumental milestone. From game-winning shots to jaw-dropping dunks, this highlight reel captures the essence of LeBron’s incredible scoring ability.

Share Your Memories

Join the celebration by sharing your favourite LeBron-scoring memories on social media. Use the hashtag #LeBronScoringKing to connect with fans worldwide and contribute to the conversation.

Exclusive Merchandise

Celebrate LeBron’s achievement by grabbing exclusive merchandise or enjoying a limited-time discount on LeBron-related items in our team store. Hurry, these offers will only last for a while!

Special Halftime Ceremony

During an upcoming game, we will honour LeBron’s milestone with a special halftime ceremony. This will be a moment for fans and teammates to celebrate LeBron’s historic achievement together.

Milestone Details

  • LeBron’s Career Total Points: 36,929
  • Karl Malone’s Previous Record: 36,928
  • Date LeBron Surpassed Malone’s Record: April 15, 2023
  • Milestone Point Scored by LeBron: 36,929
  • Significance: Second all-time leading scorer in NBA history
  • Consistency and Longevity: LeBron’s dedication and talent have enabled him to compete at a high level over many seasons


How did LeBron James surpass Karl Malone’s record?

LeBron James surpassed Karl Malone’s all-time points record on April 15, 2023, by scoring his 36,929th career point, making him the NBA’s second all-time leading scorer.

What is LeBron’s current career total points?

As of surpassing Karl Malone’s record, LeBron James’ career total points stand at 36,929.

When did LeBron score the milestone point?

LeBron James scored the milestone point that moved him past Karl Malone on April 15, 2023.

What record did Karl Malone hold before LeBron surpassed him?

Karl Malone held the record of being the second all-time leading scorer in NBA history with 36,928 points.

How can I celebrate LeBron’s achievement?

You can celebrate LeBron’s achievement by watching his highlights reel, sharing your favourite scoring memories on social media using the hashtag #LeBronScoringKing, purchasing exclusive merchandise, and attending the special halftime ceremony planned to honour his milestone.

Will there be any special events to honour LeBron’s achievement?

A special halftime ceremony will be held during an upcoming game to honour LeBron James’ historic achievement.

Where can I buy exclusive LeBron-related merchandise?

Exclusive merchandise celebrating LeBron’s milestone is available in our team store for a limited time. Hurry—these offers won’t last long!

Why is LeBron’s scoring milestone significant?

LeBron’s scoring milestone is significant because it cements his legacy as one of the greatest scorers in NBA history, showcasing his consistency, longevity, and exceptional talent over many seasons.

Impact on LeBron’s Legacy and NBA History

LeBron James now holds the title of the NBA’s second all-time leading scorer, surpassing Karl Malone’s record of 36,928 points. This milestone cements LeBron’s status as one of the greatest scorers in basketball history, further solidifying his legacy as an elite player.

The achievement showcases LeBron’s longevity, consistency, and ability to compete significantly over many seasons. It is a testament to his dedication and talent and highlights his impact on basketball.

In the broader context of the NBA’s history, LeBron’s milestone contributes to the ongoing narrative of the league’s evolution and the incredible achievements of its players. This moment will be remembered as a significant chapter in the NBA’s story.

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