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How Many Make the Cut at the Masters?

how many make the cut at the masters

The Masters Tournament is a pinnacle event in the world of golf. Held annually at the Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia since 1934, it is one of the four major championships in professional golf. The tournament is renowned for its rich traditions, the coveted green jacket, and competitive spirit. But how exactly do players cut the Masters? Let’s explore.

Qualifying for the Masters

Before we discuss the cut, it’s essential to understand how golfers qualify for the Masters:

  • PGA Tour Winners: Winning a PGA Tour event earns an automatic invite.
  • Central Championship Winners (last five years): Victors of other major tournaments.
  • Players Championship Winners (previous three years).
  • Top 50 in the Official World Golf Ranking.
  • Top Finishers in the Previous Year’s Majors.
  • Amateurs: Winners of the U.S. Amateur, British Amateur, and other significant amateur events.

These stringent criteria limit the field size to around 90 players, ensuring only the best of the best compete.

The Cut Criteria

2024 and Recent Years

As of 2024, the cut criteria at the Masters require the top 50 players and ties to advance to the weekend rounds. This rule ensures a competitive field while maintaining the integrity and pace of play. Here is a brief look at the recent history of the cut criteria:

  • 2014-2024: Top 50 players and ties
  • 2011-2013: Top 44 players and ties

Historical Changes

The cut rule needed to be standardized in the tournament’s early years. Initially, the field was reduced to the low 40 scores and ties at the end of 36 holes. Over time, as the number of participants grew and the level of competition increased, the cut criteria evolved.

The shift to the top 50 players and ties was implemented to ensure that the weekend rounds remained competitive and manageable. This adjustment reflects the Master’s commitment to maintaining prestige and a competitive edge.

Weekend Play

Only those who qualify continue to play over the weekend, making the cut line a critical aspect of the tournament. Eligible players earn the opportunity to compete for the title and experience the honor and pressure of playing at Augusta National during the event’s most exciting rounds.

Pressure and Strategy on Cut Day

Cut day at the Masters is filled with pressure and strategic play. Players on the bubble must balance aggressive shots to climb the leaderboard with cautious play to avoid disaster. The immense mental and physical demands make it a thrilling day for players and spectators.


How is the cut determined at the Masters?

The cut at the Masters is determined based on the scores after the first 36 holes. As of 2024, the top 50 players, including ties, advance to the weekend rounds. This means that even if a player is tied for 50th place, they will continue to compete.

What happens if a player misses the cut?

If a player misses the cut, they do not advance to the tournament’s final two rounds. They will not compete over the weekend and thus will not have the opportunity to vie for the Masters title.

How many players are typically cut?

The number of players making the cut can vary, but given the top 50 and ties criteria, it typically hovers around 50-60.

What is the history behind the change in the cut rule?

The cut rule at the Masters has evolved to maintain a competitive and manageable field over the years. Initially, it was for the low 40 players and ties. This changed several times, eventually settling on the top 50 and ties to ensure a high level of play and accommodate the increasing competitiveness of the players.

Can amateurs cut the Masters?

Yes, amateurs can cut the Masters if their scores are within the top 50 players and ties after the first 36 holes. Winning an amateur slot is prestigious, and cutting adds significantly to an amateur’s career portfolio.

What benefits do players receive for cutting?

Players who cut the Masters can compete for the title and potentially win the green jacket. Additionally, cutting can result in higher earnings, improved world golf ranking points, and increased exposure and sponsorship opportunities.

How does the weather affect the cut at the Masters?

Weather can significantly influence scoring conditions at the Masters. Adverse weather, such as heavy rain or strong winds, can make the course more challenging, potentially affecting the cut line. Augusta National is known for its pristine condition, but Mother Nature can always influence play.

Are there any special exemptions for cutting?

While there are no special exemptions for making the cut, players who do earn the distinction and pride of competing in the final rounds of one of golf’s most prestigious tournaments.


Cutting the Masters is a prestigious achievement that signifies a player’s skill, determination, and ability to handle pressure. With only the top 50 and ties advancing, every stroke counts. For those who qualify, it’s an opportunity to etch their name into the history of one of golf’s most fantastic tournaments.